Portable Showcases Notes Of Money Sprayed On Him At A Show

Habeeb Okikiola, a well-known and controversial Nigerian artist best known by his stage name Portable, is back at it, posting on social media about the flood of cash showered on him after a recent performance. Standing in the middle of a river of naira notes, the outspoken Afrostreet music sensation couldn’t resist gushing about his most recent achievements.

The musician was heard boasting in the widely circulated video that his followers must shower him after paying for his attendance and performance at a concert. In addition, he said that since tours are not something that newcomers to the music business do, he should no longer be referred to as an upcoming musician.

Additionally, Portable recently ignited the internet once more with his shenanigans as he traveled to Port Harcourt for a performance. In a recent viral video, Habeeb was seen dousing Port Harcourt’s streets in cash from the skylight of a pricey black Mercedes-Benz SUV. Portable could be heard yelling “wahala musician” in the video as he announced his presence in the southern metropolis.

Prior to that, the singer also recently flew to Asaba, Delta State, and documented some of the happenings on board. In the video, Portable can be heard stating repeatedly that he is on a plane and not a BRT bus. The self-described “Wahala Musician” expressed surprise over the thick fog that enveloped the aircraft and said he had never seen anything like it.

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