Another Portable Drama In Italy As Star Reacts To Being Ripped Off His Money

The Nigerian singer Portable is having a good time in Italy. Unfortunately, his vacation was ruined by an incident involving a group of people who allegedly scammed him. Portable is well-known for his energetic performances and catchy music, and he eagerly anticipated his trip to Italy. However, his excitement was short-lived when he became a victim of a group of individuals who cheated him. This unfortunate event has undoubtedly cast a shadow over what was supposed to be a memorable holiday for the controversial yet talented Nigerian artist. In a viral clip, Portable expressed his displeasure after a promoter refused to pay him the money that fans had sprayed on him at an event. The Zeh Nation boss even threatened to beat up the promoter, which triggered mixed reactions from Nigerians. In the video, the promoter claimed ownership of the money, which Portable disputed.

Portable also shared the incident on social media, stating that he had been contacted by a group of individuals claiming to be able to assist him in obtaining a visa so he could remain in Italy. He gave them the hefty amount they had requested. But as soon as he handed them the cash, they vanished. Now that so many con artists are attempting to take advantage of travellers in Italy, Portable is warning his followers to exercise caution when interacting with locals. He also cautioned his followers about giving money to strangers or people they don’t know and trust.

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