Pregnant ‘American Idol’ Contestant, At Her Audition, Met Her Future Husband

Haley Slaton entered her American Idol auditions a single and went away with her husband-to-be!

Haley was already five-and-a-half months pregnant when she blew the minds of the judges with her audition, which aired on Sunday. Her touching backstory that included her age-long love of music and how pretty excited she was to have her first child were all covered on the show, but one important aspect seemed to be skipped.

And that was fact that she met her present husband, Jordan Myles, at her audition.The Cedar Rapids, Iowa resident revealed to The Gazette that she and Myles met each other at the October auditions in Austin, Texas, and later tied the knots in December.

“We got married pretty quick. We just knew. We started right off the bat talking to each other, and it ended up being an everyday thing,” she said. “I was already pregnant, and he stepped up to be a father, and I couldn’t thank him enough for that.”

In addition, Slaton told the media outlet that her son, Jaelyn, was given birth to in January, and Myles had to move to Iowa from Louisiana to be with her. “We’re very in love, and we’re very happy that we met, and I feel like another reason why I was on the show was to meet him,” she said.

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