Funmi Aragbaye Criticizes Tope Alabi for Using The Phrase “Aboru Aboye”

Veteran gospel performer Funmi Aragbaye, who serves as the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria, recently criticized popular gospel singer Tope Alabi for her problematic use of the term “aboru aboye,” which is frequently connected with Ifa worshipers.

Aragbaye criticized Tope Alabi for acting as if she were above God in response to her recent viral video in which she sung using Yoruba words associated with Ifa worshipers’ greetings. Following the viral video of Alabi singing in a church while employing terms associated with Ifa worshippers, she attracted a lot of attention.

Aragbaye revealed in an exclusive phone interview with a journalist that Alabi believes she is better than everyone, even God. Alabi’s success was attributed to the media, according to Aragbaye, whose 1990 song Mo Gbo Ipe Olorun (Divine Call) became an instant smash. Aragbaye claimed that despite Alabi “fumbling for many years, the media continues to promote her.”

An attempt by a reporter to get Alabi’s response to Aragbaye’s allegations was unsuccessful since the well-known gospel act ignored the messages and blocked the reporter on Whatsapp. Tope Alabi kept repeating the phrase throughout her performance, and even though remix videos of it have gone popular, social media users have criticized her for using it at a place of worship while others have questioned her spirituality.

However, some claimed that the gospel singer simply has an in-depth understanding of Yoruba words.

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