Primavera Sound 2023: Amazon Music Livestream Brings The Festival To Screens Worldwide

Primavera Sound, the 22-year-old music festival based in Spain, is not just a lineup that kicks off Europe’s festival season; it’s a harmonious union between the festival and the cities it graces. Traditionally, the festival was a monogamous affair with its birthplace, Barcelona. However, since 2012, Primavera has expanded its horizons, extending to a sister festival in Porto, Portugal, and this year, it’s launching an almost identical version of its Barcelona festival in Madrid.

The festival’s co-director, Alfonso Lanza, believes that the festival’s expansion is a response to growing demand. The festival’s unique approach to its lineup, which includes both international up-and-comers and marquee artists, has been a key factor in its success. This year, the lineup includes heavy hitters like Depeche Mode, Rosalía, New Order, and Halsey, as well as emerging artists like Beth Orton, Beak>, Sevdaliza, and Om Unit.

The festival’s thoughtful programming has attracted audiences from around the world, creating a strong community. In 2022, Primavera brought its experience to a global audience, hosting festivals in São Paolo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and Los Angeles. This year, Primavera will once again tour South America in November and December, adding Bogotá and Asunción to its itinerary.

However, the festival’s reach extends beyond physical locations. This year, music lovers worldwide can experience Primavera Sound 2023 through Amazon Music’s livestream. The festival will have two channels, one focused on the multiple stages, and another taking viewers behind the scenes. The livestream will offer exclusive access, going beyond the stage to interview artists on the lineup and offering exclusive content that can be followed on Amazon Music channels on Twitch and Prime Video.

Barcelona Twitch channels:
Broadcast in English:
Broadcast in English:
Broadcast in English with Spanish subtitles:
Broadcast in English with Spanish subtitles:

Madrid Twitch channels:
Broadcast in Spanish:
Broadcast in Spanish with English subtitles:

In addition to the music, Primavera Sound also hosts Primavera Pro, a comprehensive music conference. This year’s program covers hot-button industry topics including AI, Web3, mental health, sync and licensing, and pop music analysis.

In essence, Primavera Sound 2023 is more than a music festival; it’s a global music fiesta that brings together artists, industry professionals, and music lovers from around the world, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

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