Apple Music To Give Increased Pay To Artists For Higher-Quality Sound

On Monday, Apple Music announced that it will now pay more royalties for music produced in the more immersive Spatial Audio format on the streaming service. The company announced that music released in spatial audio will now receive up to a 10% greater payout rate than other tracks, with the move taking effect with January’s month-end royalties.

Greater royalties can be obtained for songs that are only available in Spatial; listeners are not required to listen to the Spatial versions of the tunes. Dolby Atmos technology produced spatial audio, which has been available on Apple Music since 2021.

When the new audio experience was introduced, Apple compared it to the leap that occurred when stereo replaced mono as the industry standard for music listening. When it works well, it’s a very striking experience similar to surround sound. In other instances, some listeners and reviewers have claimed that the changes are sometimes subtle or unimpressive.

The number of songs and artists who will get higher royalties as a result of the new policy is unknown. Apple stated that the amount of songs available in Spatial Audio on the platform has increased by 5,000 percent since launch, but it did not provide a precise figure in its release.

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