Reggaeton Musician, Nicky Jam, Loses 110 Pounds After Undergoing Weight-Loss Surgery

Reggaeton star Nicky Jam has lost an incredible 110 pounds and is feeling better than ever, and he owes it all to his recent weight-loss surgery.

The 42-year-old artist told People on Tuesday how his quick weight reduction and more modest stature have significantly improved both his health and mood. As a number of celebrities have discussed their experiences with various weight-loss aids, such as medications like Ozempic, Nicky also talked about his operation.

The musician acknowledged that before his medical procedure, his weight had been a continual source of worry for him. Though he couldn’t really get over his anxiety before having the procedure, he said he began nursing the idea of undergoing weight-loss surgery after a friend had success with it.

According to UCLA Health, Nicky underwent gastric bypass surgery, which is a type of bariatric, or weight loss, surgery in which the stomach is rerouted so that food only enters a tiny area of the stomach before going to the small intestine.

As a result of the procedure, the patient’s stomach’s capacity is greatly reduced, which limits the amount of calories they can consume at once and typically results in significant weight reduction.

The musician claims that in the six months following the surgery, he lost 110 pounds, and that physical activity, such as playing basketball, is still helping him lose weight.

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