Real Warri Pikin Explores Her Post-Surgery Lifestyle In The Latest Episode Of Her Weight Loss Vlog

Anita Asuoha, a Nigerian comedienne and actress also known as Real Warri Pikin, discusses life after weight loss surgery, new food rules, lifestyle changes, how busy the process has been for her, and more in the third episode of her weight loss vlog.

The comedian talked about her weight loss struggle in the vlog. She disclosed that she had weight-loss surgery in a video she uploaded to her YouTube page. She claimed that because her husband was concerned about her health, he convinced her to have surgery.

Asuoha admitted that she has battled her weight for a long time. She tried eating and exercising, but she couldn’t maintain a consistent weight loss. She added that she was having health issues as a result of her weight, including chest pain, knee pain, high cholesterol, and difficulties breathing.

Ikechukwu, her husband, as well as all of her friends and family had backed her decision to get the surgery, she said. The operation, according to Asuoha, was the wisest choice she’s ever made. Since then, she has shed more than 60 kg and feels much better. She is also more assured and at ease with herself.

She urged anyone who are having weight problems to get assistance. She stated that although it is not the only choice, weight loss surgery can save the lives of some people. Watch her speak below:

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