50 Cent Happy With Weight Loss And Abstinence Journey; Flaunts Impressive Results

After praising abstinence for enabling him to “train harder,” 50 Cent has won over admirers with his weight loss achievements. The G-Unit mogul has been flaunting a much leaner figure in recent Instagram pictures, and admirers have been raving over the new appearance. Ever since the year began, 50 Cent has made it his goal to better himself. During the weekend, he stated on Instagram:

“I’m focused man, practicing abstinence is helping me train harder. I feel great I think more people should try it.”

According to the comment, 50 is honoring his earlier-in-January commitment of abstinence. Prior to his recently finished Final Lap Tour, which toured the globe last year, 50 had declared his intention to improve his physical condition. In May of last year, he stated on Instagram Live:

“We gonna do the tour and stuff like that, right? So I’m back working out like that. I always work out, but it’s different when I gotta start running and all that shit. Matter of fact, I’ma show y’all [on] Live every day. Yeah, I’ma do five miles in front of ’em every day.

“You gonna see me come back down. I’ma lose at least 25 pounds before [the tour] . I’ll be back in dog shape before I go. I’ma start talking mad shit when I’m back in shape. That’s why I be wanting to fight and shit like that, on the low.”

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