RHOBH 13: Trailer For New Season Sees Kyle Richards Tattoo ‘K’ Initial On Morgan Wade As Fans React

In the shocking teaser for Season 13 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Kyle Richards has verified rumours among fans that companion Morgan Wade had a tattoo of her initials. The eagerly awaited teaser features the country singer and “RHOBH” star sitting down at a tattoo shop and conversing with a tattoo artist before getting inked.

When the man asked how they met, Wade jokingly replied, “She stalked me.” However, Richards didn’t seem to be annoyed by the comment. The camera then showed Wade lying on a horizontal chair with her left arm extended while Richards sat beside her.

Amidst questions about an intimate relationship between Denise Richards and musician Katlynn Wade, fans have pointed out that Wade’s tattoos have changed since their friendship began. Richards even inked a “K” on Wade’s arm with black gloves, indicating that she may have played a role in some changes. Despite rumours of an intimate relationship, Richards and Wade have denied such involvement. However, their friendship has impacted Wade’s appearance, as she now has more tattoos related to Richards.

Last year, the duo got matching criss-cross heart tattoos. The Bravolebrity’s tattoo is on her left hand, while the singer’s is on the right wrist’s side. During the Season 12 “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion, Richards was asked about the tattoo but played coy and gave a vague response.

“This heart is a heart, and it means something to me.”

The mother of four recently got a tattoo of the Roman numeral XVIII (18) on one wrist and a tattoo on the other with a number that holds significance for all her daughters. It is unclear what the value of these tattoos is, but fans may find out more when the new season premieres on October 25th.

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