Victony Speaks On Conquering His Initial Bias On Singing And His Music In Podcast

Victony, a famous Nigerian Afropop singer, has recently shared an exciting revelation about his music career. He disclosed that he initially wanted to become a rapper, as he thought singing was not his forte. Although he was aware of his vocal ability, he preferred the energy and rhythm of rap music at the time. Victony didn’t let his desire to become a singer fade away despite this. He waited until 2020 to switch from rapping to singing and produced a hit song called ‘Soweto’, one of his earliest attempts at Afrobeats. The song’s success helped him establish himself as a singer and paved the way for him to create more fantastic music.

During his recent appearance on the Zero Conditions podcast, the artist boldly declared that he refused to sing because he viewed it as an “act of weakness.” He said;

 “2020 was when I started doing Afrobeats, “Soweto” was one of my earliest attempts at Afrobeats.

“Honestly, I used to know I could sing but I just refused to. Because I just felt like it was for weak people. I felt like it was an escape for weak people.

“I always loved that rapper energy and I wanted to be a rapper. But when I started singing, I realized that it is just as technical as rapping.”

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