Ruger Speaks Out: Mohbad’s Struggles, Relationships, and Personal Insights

Insights into the Nigerian Music Scene

Ruger, an emerging star in the Nigerian music industry, has recently shared his perspectives on various topics, ranging from the challenges faced by the late singer Mohbad to his personal relationships and preferences.

In a series of interviews, Ruger delved into the issues that plagued Mohbad before his untimely demise. Contrary to popular belief that Mohbad’s primary problem was with his record label, Marlian Music, Ruger highlighted that the fans also played a significant role in exacerbating Mohbad’s challenges. He stated, “I don’t know whether the label was Mohbad’s problem or not. I just want you all to know that the label was not only his problem, but the fans were his problem too.” Ruger further elaborated that after Mohbad left the label, his fanbase seemed to diminish, suggesting a possible attachment to the Marlian brand rather than the artist himself.

On a personal note, Ruger opened up about his bond with fellow artist Dremo. He expressed a deep sense of appreciation and camaraderie, mentioning, “Dremo is like a brother to me. He always gives me honest feedback on my songs and helps me improve my craft.” This relationship stands out in the competitive music industry, where genuine friendships can be rare.

Furthermore, Ruger candidly spoke about his dating preferences, revealing that he enjoys dating multiple women simultaneously. He justified this by explaining his aversion to solitude, saying, “I don’t like being alone or single. I like to be with someone whether it’s a relationship or just something, I just like being with someone.”

Recent news articles, such as those from Daily Post Nigeria and, have also touched upon the controversies surrounding Mohbad’s death and the role of the fans in it. These reports provide a broader context to Ruger’s statements and emphasize the complexities of the music industry and the pressures artists face.

Ruger’s insights offer a deeper understanding of the challenges and dynamics within the Nigerian music scene. His candid revelations shed light on the intricacies of artist relationships, fan expectations, and the pressures of fame.

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