Frank Ocean Withdraws From Coachella’s Second Weekend

A representative for Frank Ocean confirmed to Variety that the artist would not be performing his scheduled Sunday headlining set at Coachella. According to someone who knows the issue, Blink-182 will fill his place. The announcement follows days of controversy around Ocean’s divisive performance during the festival’s opening weekend, which was musically strong but uneven and hampered by severe production problems.

An intricate performance that would have involved an ice rink and numerous skaters was abruptly canceled. According to multiple sources, Ocean decided he didn’t want to participate in the large production on Sunday, only hours before it was scheduled to start. Still, according to the statement, he had earlier in the week sustained an ankle injury.

Although recordings of the performance—which was not live-streamed, unlike most other sets during the festival—show that he performed creative new arrangements of several of his songs, overall, the energy was low; he and the band were shadowed by a bunch of people going in a circle around the stage, a change from the original plan to have him surrounded by ice skaters; and the pacing was odd.

A seemingly random DJ set was also thrown in the middle, giving his audience the impression that his performance was done. Additionally, according to reports, the last-minute production modification was the reason it began an hour late.

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