Ruger Reveals Why He Won’t Be Legally Going After Kenyan ‘Fake Ruger’ Impostor

Nigerian Afrobeats musician Ruger has stated that he has no issue with a Kenyan impersonator. Ruger recently admitted in an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra that he has no animosity toward the performer who is imitating him.

The individual, also known as Aston Kenya or Ruger wa Kayole, has been singing Ruger’s songs while sporting attire and accessories that are similar to Ruger’s. Ruger claimed that he is not upset by the impersonation since he thinks it is just a ruse the man is using to get money.

He added that the impostor is assisting in the promotion of his music. In an interview, Ruger claimed, “He’s just trying to hustle, he’s actually promoting my songs.” Aston Kenya has been forewarned by several Kenyans that he would face legal action for copyright and impersonation infringement. Ruger asserted that he did not intend to sue him, nevertheless.

Reactions to Ruger’s statement have been conflicted. Others have criticized him for not taking action against the impostor, while some have complimented him for supporting others in the profession. Whether Aston Kenya will carry on impersonating Ruger remains to be seen. One thing is certain, though: Ruger’s response has undoubtedly created a lot of talk, which might, in turn, have a ripple effect on the fake Ruger.

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