Samsung Nigeria Celebrates 56 Years Of Nike Arts Gallery With Founder, Nike Okundaye

On the momentous occasion of the 56th anniversary of the Nike Art Gallery, the global tech giant, Samsung, paid a courtesy trip to Nike Okundaye in order to further promote the Korean city of Busan as the host of World Expo 2030.

Through its embassy here in Nigeria, the Korea Republic on August 10, 2022, introduced the distinguished Nigerian artist and curator Nike Okundaye as its Goodwill Ambassador. This was done as part of Korean efforts to secure rights to host the 2030 Busan World Expo, which has been scheduled for May 1 to October 31, 2030.

The goal of Samsung’s delegation, which was present at the palatial Nike Art Gallery in Lekki, Lagos, was to further advance South Korea’s candidacy quest and help the nation realize its dream of hosting the Busan World Expo in 2023. The World Expo is a fair that only happens every five years, and with each new edition, its host location changes.

While the location of Expo 2030 has not yet been determined, the next Expo is scheduled to take place in Japan in 2025. For this reason, Samsung is making every effort to cast its ballot in the Korean city of Busan.

The delegation’s leader, Charlie Lee, Managing Director of Samsung Nigeria, expressed his gratitude to Nike Okundaye for mobilizing Nigerian support for the Republic of Korea and Busan’s candidacy throughout West Africa.

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