Ruger’s ‘Ru The World’ Album Shows His Hedonistic Side As He Explores The Arts

With his explosive debut EP “Pandemic,” Ruger made his presence known to Nigerian listeners in 2021, and he came out fighting to establish himself as a significant force in the music industry with his distinctive sound and brand identity. Ruger is one of Africa’s biggest stars, and the core motivation for his success has not changed in two years.

Ruger'S 'Ru The World' Album Shows His Hedonistic Side As He Explores The Arts, Yours Truly, News, December 2, 2023
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Ruger’s debut EP introduced listeners to the contemporary Konto genre, a Dancehall and Afrobeats fusion made famous by artists like Daddy Showkey and Marvelous Benji. His ability to explore other genres like R&B and Hip Hop elements, which he ties together through an unrestrained pursuit of pleasure, goes beyond his brilliant fusion of Dancehall. Because of his Dancehall prowess and range demonstration, he achieved enormous commercial success and can now honour his achievements on his debut LP, “Ru The World.”

Ruger is on his way to becoming a master of the art of hedonistic pleasure. The greatest good in Ruger’s eyes is pleasure. The absence of fun robs life of its colour because happiness is what fuels existence. Hedonists lead their lives primarily through wanton pleasure, even though it may not be their primary concern. Ruger demonstrates the development of a hedonist on “Ru the World” through a selection of critically acclaimed, daring, and defining songs with which he hopes to advance his career.

In the opening grime-infused song “Tour,” Ruger declares, “I’m all about my money,” strutting like a rapper as he says his place in the business and revels in the success that his originality and uniqueness have brought him. Ruger revealed in an interview with Apple Music’s African Now Radio that he is a man who meditates and prays; these aspects of him are evident as soon as he tells his mother to rejoice that her son is travelling the world. He also says he’s pursuing generational wealth, demonstrating that many shared Ruger’s success.

Ruger'S 'Ru The World' Album Shows His Hedonistic Side As He Explores The Arts, Yours Truly, News, December 2, 2023

In his album “Ru The World,” Ruger, who is not one to hold back when discussing his hedonistic desires, paints vivid pictures of his sexual exploits while also providing insights into the psychological factors that influence a life of hedonism. Ruger establishes the mood for the album in the Legendary Beatz-produced song “Ashana,” which is slang for a sex worker. Ruger embraces a life of sexual pursuit that transcends his music and now plays out on stage where women are eager to recreate the obscene images he paints.

To pursue hedonism and the desire for multiple women, one needs the means and skills necessary to support such a lifestyle. Ruger clarifies that he has all these qualities in abundance through chest-thumping, sweet talking, and an appreciation and acknowledgement of one’s flaws. He claims to be the best in the business on his famous song “Asiwaju,” and he has the success to prove it. In the song “Jonzing Boy,” where he addresses his critics with confidence, he reiterates this chest-thumping. Ruger impresses in the captivating R&B single “Blue” with his fluid handwriting and talent for crafting catchy melodies. He collaborates with British rapper Stefflon Don to woo his lover on “Addiction” before painting blatantly suggestive sexual images in “Likely” and “BoyToy.”

However, it’s important to remember that hedonism is an art, and Ruger richly explores this art in a way that is easily reconcilable with the maker. Some listeners might be tempted to sum up Ruger’s music as simply pursuing wanton pleasure for pleasure’s sake. His writing, delivery, and overall acoustic appeal all exhibit high musicality. His versatility enables him to use the appropriate cadence to convey the emotions necessary to sell whatever he wants to say.

Ruger'S 'Ru The World' Album Shows His Hedonistic Side As He Explores The Arts, Yours Truly, News, December 2, 2023

Ruger has produced an album that is authentic to who he is, but the 53-minute running time seems excessive; as a result, it may struggle to hold listeners’ attention in a market that is becoming more crowded. To shorten the playing time and improve the album’s replay value, he may have eliminated some songs and made it only 14 pieces. In any case, Ruger has succeeded on his terms and created incredible music to accompany it. His US Tour completed, he is about to begin his UK tour, where he will dazzle audiences while maintaining his global dominance.

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