Seyi Vibez To Honor His Late Mother By Sponsoring A Little Girl Through Primary School

Seyi Vibez, whose real name is Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, has pledged to pay for a young girl’s elementary education.

In a widely shared video, the girl sang one of the singer’s songs while wearing blue jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a matching headgear. She joined in on the dancing to the tune, and the artist saw the video.

Later, Seyi Vibez replied on Instagram, pledging to support her through her elementary school education.

The musician, who gave his father a house last year, mentioned that the child in question is only in primary school, but he pledged to take care of her academic obligations going forward in memory of his mother, who passed away in March 2023. Additionally, Seyi Vibez went to his father’s house and bowed to the elders.

Following his visit to his father’s home and his neighborhood, Seyi Vibez warmed hearts. In a video from the rare event, the musician is seen bowing to local elders, who seem overjoyed to have him back.

In addition to his bucket hat and flowing turban, he donned a bulky croc with his casual outfit. The musician was praised by many of his followers for remembering his roots when they watched the video and were moved by it.

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