Snoop Dogg Recounts Days Of Supplying Legendary Rappers With Weed On Podcast Interview

In the latest episode of his popular YouTube series GGN, Snoop Dogg shared some exciting stories about his past experiences supplying marijuana to several legendary rappers before the herb was legalized. Speaking with Benny The Butcher, a prominent rapper from Griselda, Snoop discussed the Griselda rapper’s weed strain, “The Butcher’s Breath.” During the conversation, Snoop revealed that New York used to have a reputation for having lousy weed and that he had helped out by supplying some of the OGs with better-quality marijuana. Snoop mentioned that he had provided members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Roc-A-Fella, and other legendary rappers with the good stuff. Snoop further elaborated that he used to take great care to ensure that the marijuana was of high quality and that he only supplied it to people he trusted. Snoop’s stories provided a fascinating insight into the world of marijuana use in the rap industry during the pre-legalization era.

Snoop said,

“You know what’s crazy,”

“How, and I’mma be honest, hey guys I’m just telling the truth, New York used to be known for trash used to be known for straight trash. No this is no joke you can ask the rappers n***a they used to have seeds and all kind of sh*t in they sh*t they could be rolling up a blunt putting seeds and sticks you be like what the f*ck is you doing?”

Snoop Dogg also dropped some exciting news during his guest appearance on the ‘All the Smoke’ podcast. He confidently announced that his highly anticipated collaborative album with Dr. Dre, Missionary, will be released soon.

“I’m in the lab with Dr. Dre right now. That’s Death Row/Aftermath. We finishing that up right now, tidying up the pieces to that. He’s a perfectionist,”

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