Styles P Challenges Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & Everybody To A Weed Smoking Contest

Rapper, Styles-P has come out with a very bold challenge, calling out the likes of Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and a whole lot more for a weed-smoking competition or “Olympics” like he would put it.

Even at age 47, Styles has reason to believe that his lungs and other vital organs are very much in shape to be able to take on the lofty challenge of out-smoking the weed-smoking legends themselves. The same ones that wine and dine and do everything with weed.

On Smoke DZA’s podcast, The Personal Party Podcast, on the 24th of January, to be precise, the rapper and The LOX co-founder issued a declaration to a bunch of rappers, saying he would out-smoke them all without breaking a sweat.

“I could out smoke Smoke DZA, I could out smoke Curren$y,” he confidently stated. “I can out smoke Uncle Snoop, Curren$y, Berner, and Wiz Khalifa,” he said, with a relaxed look of pride in his countenance.

He did not stop there. He also took to Instagram to properly shake things up and really rub in the message, revealing that he has been practising for the contest his whole life.

And as expected, the weed-smoking juggernauts concerned came forward with their various responses.

“Holy Capple juice Batman…. My big brother is drunk hahah,” Spitta wrote, while the Doggfather himself came at Styles with a friendly reminder, “Slow down Nefew u know how I do.”

Wiz also added, “Let’s get it craccin.” May the best man win!

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