Still Beef’n Durk: NBA Youngboy Seemingly Responds To Lil Baby Quoting His Lyrics And Implies “He Chose A Side”

The dispute between Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy includes Lil Baby and anyone else who chooses to collaborate with the Chicago rapper. After linking up with Ja Morant, the Atlanta rapper generated controversy.

The Atlanta rapper gained notoriety over the weekend after attending a Hawks vs. Grizzlies game in his hometown. He sat courtside with Jayda Cheaves and subsequently hung out with NBA Youngboy superfan Ja Morant. However, it appears that YB does not appreciate Lil Durk’s “The Voice Of The Heroes” collaborator using his lyrics as a quote.

Ja Morant has become associated with the line from “Fresh Prince Of Utah” by NBA Youngboy, “It’s a parade inside my city, yeah.” Morant has converted the bar into a celebratory chant for each Grizzlies victory, especially since his post-suspension comeback. Sadly, YB hasn’t explicitly recognized the allusion, though his label tweeted over the weekend, “You know it’s going to be a parade for real behind you @jamorant.” Although NBA Youngboy finally acknowledged Ja Morant, it may not have been for the best reasons (even though Never Broke Again LLC has great hopes for the Grizzlies this season).

Lil Baby may be heard in the video of his collaboration with Ja Morant repeating the infamous bar. Although some fans thought it was funny, YB didn’t seem amused. In a since-deleted tweet that No Jumper captured, NBA Youngboy tweeted a warning message to an anonymous person many believe to be Lil Baby. In addition, he posted a message on Twitter saying, “That b*tch ass n****a got to run into me too; better remember he chose a side. This sh*t get gangsta, boy.”

As anticipated, Lil Baby’s verse on “Don’t Try This At Home” will probably not be heard by the public. For the Fast & The Furious 9 (F9) album, the two have, however, previously collaborated on the song “One Shot.” Unfortunately, the two have not subsequently gotten together despite the positive reviews. According to a recent tweet, NBA Youngboy doesn’t appear interested in collaborating with anyone who collaborates with Lil Durk, a person he considers a rival. YB’s tweet hasn’t received a response from Baby, but the media will surely get a whiff of it when or if he does.

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