Taylor Swift Makes An Emotional Comeback To Her Postponed Brazil Gig

When Taylor Swift returned to the stage in for her Rio de Janeiro concert on Friday, she did so with tears in her eyes, paying tribute to a young fan who tragically died from the intense heat. As the second surprise song of the evening, the pop sensation played her heartbreaking song, “Bigger Than the Whole Sky,” about unfathomable pain and heartache, while appearing to honor Ana Clara Benevides, 23.

Swifties praised her performance which they believed was “for Ana” in a TikTok video that was posted by a fan under the username @tswift_22.

Later in the singer’s performance, “Champagne Problems” caused the crowd to explode, as social media footage shows Swift crying and mouthing “I love you” during the song. She appeared distraught and started crying as the crowd let out a raucous cheer as she played her celebrated hit on the piano.

She tenderly mouthed the words “I love you” to the audience members in response to the enthusiastic applause. One fan commented beneath a social media clip of the show saying that Swift was obviously “emotionally heartbroken but” attempting “to give the crowd her best.”

This marked Taylor’s first gig since Benevides passed away, and this one is being held in Brazil during an extreme heatwave. And according to unverified reports, fans were not permitted to carry water into the much-anticipated concert because of the intense heat.

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