Tekno Announces New Single, “Turkey Nla” Remix Featuring King Perryy

Tekno seemed to take a long hiatus from the music scene after the release of his début album that performed pretty poorly for a big artist with big hits under his belt. The record wasn’t entirely terrible in all honesty, but poor promotion too played its role in the album’s sudden decline. And that would, of course, take a toll on our bubbly Tekno.

But because a winner does not stay down for long, Tekno rose again like the phoenix with two successful singles, Mufasa and Jinja. He also backed up the releases with equally stunning videos that have both garnered millions of streams. In that spirit of keeping it pushing regardless, Tekno has just revealed that he has something underway with Dancehall-cum-Trap artist, King Perryy, who was formerly signed to Timaya’s Dem Mama Records.

Tekno Announces New Single, &Quot;Turkey Nla&Quot; Remix Featuring King Perryy, Yours Truly, News, June 13, 2024

He entitled the new song, “Turkey Nla” remix which drops Friday. He also calls it the Turkey Nla remix. In the short clip as can be seen below, Tekno and Perryy can be seen seated on the both ends of the couch, vibing and swaying to the music as Tekno puffs on his kush. Tekno’s most recent release, Pay, just went up a couple notches on the Apple Music Nigeria top singles chart.

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