Tems’ New single ‘Not An Angel’ Arrives Ahead Of Debut Album

With her latest, the fascinating tune “Not an Angel,” Nigerian singer-songwriter Tems has once again captivated the airwaves. After her previous single, “Me & U,” which thrilled fans and ended a short break, she released this new song as fans anticipate her next LP project. It is a preface to the highly anticipated first album, set to release in 2024, rather than merely being a stand-alone track. Tems invites her audience to experience a musical journey showcasing the breadth and complexity of her upcoming album as she releases her new track.

The song “Not An Angel” fearlessly explores the intricacies of a love that has faded with time. Tems openly conveys the exhaustion of a passion that was not reciprocated and powerfully expresses the disillusionment that comes with it. Through her moving lyrics, Tems deftly portrays the sense of empowerment that comes from breaking free from the emotional bonds that once held her captive. The song’s production is a masterful collaboration between Tems and seasoned record producer Sarz, who craft a background that subtly enhances the lyrics’ rich emotional content.

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