The Much-Awaited “Light Switch” Song By Charlie Puth Has Finally Been Released

This song was teased on TikTok for months, and now it has been released!

In a conversation with Ryan Seacrest today, Charlie Puth talked about the inspiration for his brand-new track, “Light Switch,” as well as the unusual, behind-the-scenes songwriting projects he shares on TikTok.

“I wanna have a song where there’s a sound, and the sound is the name of the song,” said the singer to Seacrest.

He is seen in his viral TikTok for the song’s production experimenting with various items in the studio before his lightbulb finally goes out after he flips the light switch on the wall, which is the exact sound heard in the new music.

The appealing and anthem-like pop song “Light Switch,” which Puth produced and co-wrote with longtime partner JKash and Grammy-nominated songwriter Jake Torrey, serves as further proof of his status as one of the music industry’s most reliable hit-makers and most sought-after collaborators right now.

The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber’s record-breaking track “Stay,” which immediately rose to the top of the 2021 music charts, was also co-written and produced by Puth.

Charlie is amusingly followed through all that individuals do to snag that unrequited love in the official music video, which was charmingly directed by Christian Breslauer. The new single, “Light Switch,” marks the first brand-new track from Charlie Puth’s next album, “CHARLIE.” Get into the song and music video below.

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