Timi Dakolo Delivers The Music Video For “Men Of The South,” His Latest Single

Prominent Nigerian musician Timi Dakolo has finally shared the music video for his most recent song, “Men of the South,” which honors men from the South.

The single was released a week ago and was produced by MasterKraft. The music video was released on January 21, 2023, and has created a buzz, especially among men in the Southern Region of Nigeria. Timi Dakolo was born in Accra, Ghana, but his state of origin is Bayelsa State, unsurprisingly, in the southern region of Nigeria.

The song “Men of the South” honors the resilience and ostentation of Southern males. Before the release of his eagerly awaited third studio album, “The Chorus Leader,” Timi Dakolo released a song that guaranteed to get his fans up and dancing while he led them through the record’s ultimate release.

The record will now be published on January 26, 2024 instead of January 20, 2024, which was his birthday. Dakolo apologized for the wait in a statement, but he reassured supporters that the extra time will provide an amazing musical experience.

He’s still determined to release an excellent record that will be well worth the wait. The release of “The Chorus Leader” is now anticipated by fans on January 26, 2024, the new date.

Watch the new music video below:

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