Timi Dakolo Recounts Experience After Receiving His First N1M From Stranger

Timi Dakolo, a well-known singer and composer, has described what ensued after he received his very first N1 million from a stranger. He recently talked to Chude Jideonwo, a media figure, in an interview on his podcast. When Dakolo competed in the first Idols West Africa in 2007, he said that his first N1m was a gift from a “good Samaritan” who watched him on television. He claimed that the enormous gift caused him to lose sleep and affected how he spoke.

After taking first place in the 2007 Idols West Africa competition, Timi Dakolo became well-known. His soulful voice and captivating performances quickly gained him a loyal fan base. Timi Dakolo’s success in the competition opened doors for him to pursue a successful career in the music industry, leading to numerous awards and collaborations with renowned artists.

Dakolo said,

“There was somebody that gave me N1m from nowhere. I had never seen N10,000 before. The money I used to have then was always N1,300, N800, N1,200, and N520. And somebody gave me N1m cash. He came to the hotel and gave me N1m. He said he doesn’t watch TV, but he saw me on TV, and he felt he should give me N1m. “I saw N1m, I could not sleep. I was looking at the money. I said, ‘This money will change.’ I was speaking English that day. Me that used to disturb the whole place, I was quiet [sic] . I caught myself speaking good English.”

Dakolo is gearing up for his upcoming concert, and fans are anticipating its success.

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