Tyler Cole Unveils Solo Debut With Good Drugs//Bad Joke And High-Octane Music Video

Genre-Bending Artist Makes a Splash with 'Good Drugs//Bad Joke' via Def Jam Recordings

Tyler Cole, the rising genre-bending singer, songwriter, producer, and screenwriter, has made a remarkable solo debut with the release of his double single, “Good Drugs//Bad Joke,” via Def Jam Recordings. The two tracks offer a tantalizing glimpse into Cole’s upcoming solo music, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting journey for the artist and his fans.

Accompanying the release of the singles is a cinematic and high-energy music video for “Bad Joke,” directed by Mattias Russo-Larsson, known for his work with Jeleel! and Saint Levant. The video showcases Cole’s dynamic performance style and the vibrant energy that he brings to his music.

Speaking about the dual release, Cole said, “Releasing these two songs together is the perfect complement, not just because of the dichotomy of good vs. bad, but because of the sonic range between the two songs. Together, I feel like they say a lot about me as an artist.”

The release of “Good Drugs//Bad Joke” follows Cole’s breakout hit “Meet Me at Our Spot” with WILLOW, released under the name THE ANXIETY. The track and its accompanying video have garnered over 750 million streams worldwide, and the duo performed the song at Coachella in 2022.

In addition to his music, Cole has also made strides in the film industry. He co-wrote the screenplay for “Da Understudy,” which has been picked up by Amazon Studios with acclaimed director Spike Lee at the helm.

The release of “Good Drugs//Bad Joke” marks a significant milestone in Cole’s career, establishing him as a solo artist to watch. As fans eagerly await more music from Tyler Cole, his debut singles set a high bar for what’s to come. With his unique blend of genres and his dynamic performance style, Cole is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene.


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