Waka Flocka In The Company Of Twerking White Women At Concert Had Him Requesting “Some Chocolate On Stage”

Waka Flocka is one artist that has his calendar always seemingly packed with new, back-to-back shows, and recently, he mounted a stage surrounded by a handful of women all dressed in their bikinis.

This week, a clip of the outdoor show, which showed a lot of women sharing the stage with the rapper, went viral on social media. Rocking their best beach-side looks, the women made frantic attempts to show off their coolest twerking skills, but Waka did not seem to be impressed by the display around him.

While he said nothing negative about the women, he took into cognizance that they all shared a similar look, nudging him to bring his performance to a brief stop pause, and getting on the mic to say,”I need some chocolate on stage.”

Abruptly the clip gets cuts off, making it unclear if he had his request granted or not. But after The Shade Room shared same video, he came in the comment section to speak his piece. “Imagine tryna be a good person and be inclusive to all?” the rapper quipped. “Imagine?” the rapper quipped.

And for the rest of that day, Waka seemed to come under fire for wanting to throw in more variety of women to his selection.

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