AQ Launches His Record Label And Introduces His First Artist

Gilbert Bani, better known by his stage name A-Q, has launched The Cake Bizness Music Company, a record company, and announced Zhus JDO as its first artist.

Gilbert Bani, better known by his stage as A-Q, has started a new record label called The Cake Bizness with the goal of revolutionizing the music business. Under the new approach, investors can invest in signed musicians at an early stage of their career and watch as their investment grows as the artist’s career takes off. Technically, signed artists are treated as start-ups.

This creative idea treats each signed artist like a distinct start-up company, offering them a dynamic collaboration and strategic career support based on their brand. As artists succeed, share values increase, making this an interesting investment possibility. Every artist in development, according to CEO and founder Gilbert Bani, is a start-up and should be handled as such.

He goes on to say that the label’s goal is to create an environment where everyone can express themselves artistically and partake in the “cake.” As it joins the music sector, The Cake Bizness extends an invitation to musicians, financiers, and fans to join this ground-breaking adventure.

Trough The Cake Bizness, ZHUS JDO’s also dropped his debut single, “Johnbull,” which was produced by Wondah and performed entirely in Pidgin, showcasing his multilingualism and Benin City background.

Listen to the new single:

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