Young Man Who Splattered His Keke With Pictures Of Davido Gets N1 Million Reward From Singer

Social media has often been described as powerful as it can turn peoples’  fortunes for the best in hours or even seconds. We have seen this play out again and again. It has happened once again, this time in the life of a Davido fan.

A keke driver who happens to be a diehard fan of the “Blow My Mind” singer has just seen his fortunes turn around for the better in a matter of hours.

The unnamed keke driver showed his love for the songster by splattering Davido’s image all over his ride, in and out. A deep look around the keke showed that the images also followed the trajectory of Davido’s evolution. It also showed him in different moods and locations, all projecting the Davido persona.

Someone who saw how far the keke driver went to show his love for Davido, recorded it and shared the clip with the Nigerian blogger Tunde Ednut, who shared the same on his Instagram page, giving the clip and the fan great visibility.

Last we checked, after the identity of the fan was confirmed, Davido forked over n1 million to the fan for his loyalty. You can check out the clip below.

This isn’t the first time the singer has made millionaires out of devoted fans, though. It’s happened a couple of times previously.

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