Khaid “Emotions” EP Review

Emotions – EP


  • Genre: Afro-Pop
  • Date: 01 Sep, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 6

The Nigerian superstar Khaid, who is currently making waves in the music industry, has released a new EP called “Emotions.” With this endeavor, Khaid keeps enthralling listeners with his distinctive fusion of Rap and Afrobeat. This is his second project release, following the commercial success of “Diversity” in 2022. “Emotions” is a six-track musical journey with a running time of just over 16 minutes, 42 seconds, and provides a brief but emotional listening experience.

EP Cover Art

Khaid &Quot;Emotions&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 23, 2024

Khaid hold his head like a person on the brink of losing what remains of his mind. And the purple butterflies fly in random directions, all over the place like his Emotions, the project title and the word branded on his simple t-shirt.

Tracks and Features

The soothing “Jara” kicks off the EP, and if you’ve been following Khaid’s work, this first rendition will show you how so much has changed in the singer’s artistry and how much work he has been investing into himself as a creative. One of such major improvements is his songwriting, which he wields so expertly in this track. The way his voice projects his emotions is exactly how his lyrics come at you. You can tell the young man has had his fair share of heartbreaks, as he literally begs his love interest not to walk all over him just because he chose to let his guard down for her. Awwn. Talk about an irredeemable romantic.

Track two, “Hold Me” picks up the mantle and continues preaching the gospel of love, as Khaid sings to convince his love interest that he’s not a fairweather partner. Heck, he’s willing to join her in the battlefield with her demons no matter how fierce. Dang. But of course, a man has his needs. And the Shleet gang leader wants nothing more but to be held by his baby through the night. Another thing that sneaks up on you is the harmonious choir-like background vocals that spruce things up. Great production too, might we add. It also kinda reminds of a Wizkid jam from back the day.

“No Time” enters the place and decides it’s time to switch up the vibe. Over the bouncy Afrobeat, Khaid gets straight with his girl and lets her know that he would really love to know when she’s fallen out of love, so he could cut his emotional losses. He pledges his love to her, though, singing his heart out. A smitten lover boy, for real. However, the groove doesn’t stop. Not when “Jolie” is around the corner. Our smitten lover boy praises his babe and her stunning beauty, not forgetting the banging bod, of course. The gratitude he has for having her in his life is felt in his voice, energy, and compliment-laden lyrics.

As expected, “People (Evil)” is based on his personal experiences and journey as both a human and an artist. Although evil people abound, KK is not very worried because he knows they can’t see through to his mind, which, in turn, becomes a coping mechanism. He also uses the opportunity to flex on those who never imagined him going this far as an individual let alone an artist.

Noticing how stressed out evil people have left him, the upbeat “Anabella” comes to change the mood. Khaid has a reason to smile again, but did it have to come at the price of getting punched and insulted? Dang. How unlucky in love can one person be? The irony is that he would actually take all that just to be with her, and he lets her know that and more, including how she turns him on. Leading up to the EP’s release, this track had been released as a single, and it’s already popping off!


1 Jara 2:40
2 Hold Me 2:44
3 No Time 2:29
4 Jolie 3:29
5 People (Evil) 2:40
6 Anabella 2:04

EP Theme

“Emotions” explores a variety of human emotions, including love and passion as well as reflection and self-discovery. The lyrics by Khaid are approachable and touch on subjects that are relevant to all people. The EP celebrates the complexity of human emotions while promoting self-reflection and empathy.

Production Credits

BMH, Finito, SteveRawd, Sound Engine, Ransom and Fakorede Oluwatobiloba Paul worked production for the different tracks on the EP.


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