New Music Friday: Khaid Releases Sophomore EP ‘Emotions’

Following his 2022 debut, DIVERSITY, Khaid demonstrated his ability to meld his Lagos-born sound with universal influences that continue to push African music to new heights. With his EP “Emotions,” Nigerian up-and-comer Khaid, who is only 17 years old, now offers a unique musical expression.

New Music Friday: Khaid Releases Sophomore Ep 'Emotions', Yours Truly, News, May 29, 2024

Emotions urges listeners to embrace the diverse range of moods that characterize Khaid’s music, from upbeat sing-alongs to reflective love songs. His seamless blending of spirituality and passion highlights his versatility in evoking emotions through music. The Emotions EP highlights Khaid’s maturity and potential as a member of a new generation of musicians. Khaid’s goal is to write songs that connect with people’s lives, whether through choral sounds or frantic drum patterns.

“Hold Me” was written by Khaid and features a catchy melody that he came up with while out for a stroll and was inspired by a day at the beach. He wasn’t sure about it at first, but a friend’s enthusiastic response on the phone convinced him of its potential. The spiritual song “No Time” was influenced by a hymn Khaid couldn’t get out of his head. It has melodies reminiscent of Catholic hymns and is a moving song that may speak to listeners who can identify with songs about love and heartbreak.

New Music Friday: Khaid Releases Sophomore Ep 'Emotions', Yours Truly, News, May 29, 2024

Regarding “Jolie,” Khaid aimed to produce something unique. The song, which was produced by BMX, was influenced by more established Nigerian musicians, and it stands out in the current music scene for its catchiness. In response to criticisms of his lyrical depth, Khaid displays his lyrical skill in the song “People (Evil)”. It enables him to consider his past and present while showcasing his versatility in musical storytelling.

“Anabella,” the most recent single to be released, is a happy sequel to “Jolie.” This song, which Khaid wrote for enjoyment, showcases his playful and imaginative approach to music. It’s odd that, even if it’s just by coincidence, when someone’s name is mentioned in one of his songs, many people feel a personal connection.Khaid exhibits both his musical talent and his capacity for intimate connection with listeners in the Emotions EP. This EP is evidence of his development as an artist and of his desire to make waves in the music business.

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