Review: Khaid & Boy Spyce’s ‘Carry Me Go’ Delivers A Catchy & Romantic Afro-Pop Banger

The enchanting new love song that Khaid and Boy Spyce have collaborated on is “Carry Me Go,” written by both talents. The song combines R&B and Afropop, featuring calming melodies, making it a pleasant listening experience. Most of the lyrics are spoken in Nigerian Pidgin, contributing to the song’s endearing quality and genuine sound.

The work that Fakorede Oluwatobiloba Paul, better known by his stage name Signal the Plug, has produced is outstanding. The beats are expertly produced, and the instruments fit together like puzzle pieces to produce an infectiously catchy composition. While the music is only 2 minutes and 16 seconds long, it profoundly impacts the listener.Review: Khaid &Amp; Boy Spyce'S 'Carry Me Go' Delivers A Catchy &Amp; Romantic Afro-Pop Banger, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 13, 2024

The song’s lyrics focus on Khaid’s and Boy Spyce’s mutual adoration for an unnamed female, each taking turns to convey their feelings for the lady of their affection. As a result of their inability to get enough of the lady, they urge her to take them to an unknown location and transport them away.

The refrain “Take me to where I don’t know, burst my bololo, your body cool my pressure” is repeated throughout the chorus, making it an especially memorable portion of the song. The inclusion of colloquialisms like “bololo” contributes to the endearing quality of the song, and the general message may resonate with anybody who has ever been in love.

The vocal work that Khaid and Boy Spyce have done is of the highest caliber. They have great chemistry together, and it shows in how their styles complement one another and how they deliver their verses. Khaid’s silky vocals and Boy Spyce’s delivery are outstanding, but Khaid’s are more stunning because of their smoothness. The harmonies and ad-libs are also executed quite skillfully, contributing to the song’s overall attractiveness.

The song was released on March 17, 2023, and distributed by Neville Records, a record company owned by Sydney Talker, a well-known Nigerian comedian.

Khaid was introduced to the world by Sydney Talker in January 2022, and ever since then, he has been creating a stir. With the success of his single ‘With You,’ which he released in 2022, Khaid quickly establishes himself as one of the most promising performers in Nigeria.  Conversely, Boy Spyce is a rising talent signed to Mavin Records, one of Nigeria’s most successful music labels.

“Carry Me Go” is an expertly composed love song that exhibits the talents of two of Nigeria’s up-and-coming stars in the music industry. Everything from the production to the singing to the lyrics is excellent.

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