Kim Petras “Problématique” Album Review


Kim Petras, a well-known singer-songwriter and international pop sensation, surprised her fans by releasing her highly anticipated album “Problématique” earlier than planned. To the delight of her devoted fan base, the GRAMMY-winning musician, famed for her catchy pop classics, has unveiled this musical treasure vault.

Previously hidden because of a partial leak, “Problématique” has reemerged and now offers 10 tracks of ecstatic escape amid the worlds of French house music and Parisian soundscapes. This collection features Kim Petras’ recognizable captivating confidence, giving her fans even more to anticipate.

Album Cover Art

Kim Petras &Quot;Problématique&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, December 11, 2023

Petras stands in the middle of the street with buildings on both sides, as she poses for her shoot in nothing but her birthday suit, a pair of black leather hand gloves, and a black beret worn over her long, flowing blonde hair.

Tracks and Features

“Problématique” starts the album with some sick disco vibe, as Petras issues a disclaimer to all interested in getting a piece of her. She seems pretty aware of the fact that she’s alluring and charming enough to have men heavy on her case like an obsessed jury. The melody and upbeat dance beat matches the energy Kim brought to the party. Also, those background adlibs ate.

Paris Hilton joins her for “All She Wants,” another upbeat pop tune that celebrates enjoyment and premium treatment. Whether referring to herself or not, Petras sings about a woman that wants it all; from designer possessions to all-expense-paid trips to fancy locations. What’s funny, though, and maybe kinda sad is that this woman doesn’t exactly know what she loves, so she desires to take it all to herself in order to enjoy bits of everything. Paris’ contribution was a nice blend into the vibe and energy of the song. Great production too.

“Something About U” enters with the lovey, romantic vibe, with Kim expressing just how mesmerized she is by her love interest. She goes ahead to recount some sweet memories created and even adds that she loves it when he gives her head. All that good loving and more she wants like she does her lover, and her lyrics convey the emotion-wrapped message. The auto-tune ended up making the melody sound a bit catchier, though she could’ve done without it.

Just when you imagine “Treat Me Like A Ho” would be all kinds of lyrical nastiness and wild sensual stuff, Petras instead follows the plot of sugar babes and sugar daddies. She gushes about the princess treatment that comes with riding (with) a sugar daddy. The song is short and bleh, lacking structure, with nothing fantastic about it. However, this conclusion may not exactly sit well with soft, sugar babes worldwide, and we wouldn’t even blame them.

In “Dirty Things,” Kim went the way many women may not usually go by taking the bull by the horn and luring her boytoy over for some good old, steamy roll in the hay. Boldly, she showcases her sexual freedom as well as vocal range, as she sings about wanting to do all kinds of nasty stuff to her lover. Additionally, the beat helps the vibe proper. If the song’s composition style makes Dua Lipa cross your mind, you must know you aren’t alone. Not a bad song at all.

“Love Ya Leave Ya” concludes the album with an expression of both pain and dilemma. Petras sings about a relationship quagmire she’s found herself in, where her love interest makes it tough for her to love him while also making it almost impossible to leave. That does not sound like hell at all. For whatever reason, though, she stays in it and bemoans her situation. Between the situation and the lack of self-will to leave a toxic relationship, it’s hard to tell which is sadder. The song’s retro style production also gives it a big bump, but there has to be some Carly Rae Jepsen Influence somewhere here. It all comes out nice, though.


2Je T’Adore3:05
3All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton)3:52
4Born Again2:52
5Something About U3:01
6Treat Me Like A Ho1:55
9Dirty Things3:35
10Love Ya Leave Ya2:26

Album Theme

Due to the singer’s conception of the project during the COVID-19 lockdown, the album primarily covers themes of love and sex and is highly based on the idea of escapism.

Production Credits

Aaron Joseph, Dr. Luke & Vaughn Oliver worked production on the album.


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