“Like Ice Spice” by Blaqbonez: A Radiant Return with a Hint of Chill

An Energetic Comeback with a Dash of Critique


Blaqbonez, Nigeria’s eminent rapper and singer-songwriter, has made a captivating comeback with his latest two-track project, introducing two exhilarating songs: “Like Ice Spice” and “Bezos.” This release showcases the artist’s versatility and ability to blend different genres seamlessly, making him a standout figure in the African Hip-Hop scene.

Musicality and Lyrics:

“Like Ice Spice” stands out with its radiant vibrancy, sunny synths, lively percussion, and rich bass. Vocally, Blaqbonez shines with smooth, lush melodies that build dynamically in layers, culminating in a memorable hook that’s hard to shake off. The instrumentation in “Bezos” contrasts with reverb-soaked, wistful guitars, atmospheric synths, and a crunchy rhythm section. The comforting, warm tone of the instrumentation pairs cohesively with Blaqbonez’s laid-back, sleek vocal performance and breezy melodies. Both tracks are infused with sultry lyrics and infectious feel-good sonics, ensuring listeners remain engaged.

Visual and Promotion:

Before the release of these tracks, Blaqbonez teased fans on social media with snippets, building anticipation and excitement. This marketing strategy and the artist’s established reputation ensured that the tracks received significant attention upon release.


While “Like Ice Spice” and “Bezos” are undoubtedly catchy and well-produced, they do tread familiar ground. The tracks, especially “Like Ice Spice,” lean heavily into contemporary trends in Afrobeat and Hip-Hop, which might make them feel somewhat derivative to seasoned listeners. Additionally, while the lyrics are sultry and engaging, they lack the depth and introspection that some fans might expect from Blaqbonez, given his previous work.

Impact and Reception:

Blaqbonez’s consistent efforts in the music industry, particularly within the African Hip-Hop realm, have carved out a distinctive niche for him. These tracks, with their groovy melodies and colorful, mid-tempo beats, further solidify his position as a leading artist in the scene. The songs have been well-received, with “Like Ice Spice” in particular garnering attention for its vibrant tune and summery vibes.

Final Thoughts:

Blaqbonez’s “Like Ice Spice” and “Bezos” are a testament to his musical prowess and his ability to create tracks that resonate with a wide audience. While they might not break new ground, they are undeniably enjoyable and showcase the artist’s growth and versatility.

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