Trippie Redd “A Love Letter To You 5” Mixtape Review

A Love Letter To You 5

Trippie Redd

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 11 Aug, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 19
  • ℗ 2023 1400 Entertainment, Inc. / 10K Projects

“A Love Letter To You 5,” Trippie Redd’s most recent album, is now available. The fifth installment of the multi-platinum certified “A Love Letter To You,” mixtape series, which is inspired by love, succeeds its four predecessors. A total of 19 tracks make up the album, some of which feature prominent members of the rap scene.

Following the 27-track mixtape Mansion Musik, “A Love Letter To You 5” is Redd’s second release of 2023. Trippie Redd is an innovative hip-hop artist who constantly pushes the limits with his music, and it doesn’t change in this project.

Mixtape Cover Art

Trippie Redd &Quot;A Love Letter To You 5&Quot; Mixtape Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 12, 2024

Redd holds up his head and plants his gaze right on you with his pair of gloomy eyes. Then you notice the mischievous smile that brings mystery along with it. There’s also some surrounding dark-blue liquid matter swimming around and threatening to engulf his entire form.

Tracks and Features

The mixtape opens with “Take Me Away,” a confident song by Redd and Corbin (also known as Spooky Black). Although Corbin is a cult figure who doesn’t regularly produce music, the song briefly changes its focus to him. As you begin “Last Days,” a sense of intimacy is already present; a vocal underlay that sounds like the opening theme of an anime gives the song freshness. He belts on the hook with such passion that you are captivated. In “Thy Motion,” he focuses on unconditional love while becoming more relaxed and leaning toward rolling lyricism.

“How You Alive” and “Thinking Bout You” communicate concern in different ways. The latter is more upbeat and is inspired by heartfelt consideration. “How You Alive,” on the other hand, has a more somber tone. The foundation for acoustic-like “Praying 4 Love” is authentic guitar strums. He skillfully depicts both pain and hope. As we progress through the project, the melting pot of genres becomes clear – “Reality,” an R&B-esque ballad about fantasy love coming true.

Skye Morales appears twice on the mixtape, the first time on “A Feeling,” where the duo harmonises for a soulful selection. The title is depicted since it evokes a nice mood. Previously released single ‘Took My Breath Away’ follows, with Skye delivering a funkier melody and Trippie’s added Bay Area flow lending the song a 90s feel.

“Romantic Fantasy,” which samples Ja Rule and Bobby Brown’s ‘Thug Lovin,’ is slow and low. Bringing attention to the darker aspect of relationships. “I’m Mad at Me,” which continues with nostalgia-driven soundscapes, features a clean verse from the rap OG Lil Wayne. As the two discuss toxic but pleasant conditions, a booming pitched up vocal braces the hook. Next up is ‘Closed Doors,’ which feels similar to Llyod’s “Southside,” with a silky smooth transition to Roddy Ricch’s cameo appearances. As we near the end of the 19-track project, Trippie Redd’s developing diversity becomes clear. “Action” features a breathy falsetto but shortly followed by typical Redd booming vocals on “Left 4 Dead.”

The indie pop-tinged tune “Wind,” co-written with The Kid Laroi, does not disappoint. And just when we thought we understood the range on this mixtape, Redd channels basement energy for a joyful drop on “Helicopter” with artist Tommy Lee Sparta. Bryson is an ideal guest when talking love, and “Flowers” is heartfelt. The pace picks up again with “The Hate,” which appears to be the only song that explicitly discusses non-romantic relationships. “Trip McKnight” ushers us out, finishing the project on a strong note with an explosion of hard-hitting bars.


1 Take Me Away Trippie Redd & Corbin 3:21
2 Last Days Trippie Redd 2:34
3 Thy Motion Trippie Redd 2:28
4 How You Alive Trippie Redd 2:55
5 Thinking Bout You Trippie Redd 2:46
6 Praying 4 Love Trippie Redd 2:36
7 Reality Trippie Redd 2:54
8 A Feeling Trippie Redd & Skye Morales 2:47
9 Romantic Fantasy Trippie Redd 2:51
10 I’m Mad At Me Trippie Redd & Lil Wayne 3:12
11 Closed Doors Trippie Redd & Roddy Ricch 2:48
12 Action Trippie Redd 2:01
13 Left 4 Dead Trippie Redd 1:58
14 Wind Trippie Redd & The Kid LAROI 2:50
15 Helicopter Trippie Redd & Tommy Lee Sparta 2:22
16 Took My Breath Away Trippie Redd & Skye Morales 3:00
17 Flowers Trippie Redd & Bryson Tiller 3:23
18 The Hate Trippie Redd 1:55
19 Trip McKnight Trippie Redd 2:37

Mixtape Theme

The mixtape is vulnerable and demonstrates a unique degree of artistry as he goes into various nooks of love songs.

Production Credits

012, 808-H, Ace G, Aldae, Andrew, Anina Shona, Anthoine Walters, AuzTheKid, BBYKOBE, Charlie Coffeen, Chef Boyar Dru, Cxdy, Dopamine, FNZ, FRANKIEONTHEGUITAR, FRAXILLE, Greg Sekeres, Hammad Beats, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Igor Mamet and many other producers contributed to the mixtape’s production.


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