Best 15 Horror Movies On Netflix

It’s strangely soothing to watch a scary movie. You can enjoy the adrenaline rush of dread and fear while knowing you have complete control over your participation – whether the TV is turned on or off, muted or un-muted. It gives a pleasant rush. However, a lousy horrifying movie, like a bad movie of any other genre, mostly gives the horror of wasted time. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best horror movies accessible on Netflix. Have fun viewing, and keep in mind that it’s just a movie.

15. Creep (2014)

In the found footage movie Creep, a videographer named Aaron accepts a job to assist Josef, a man he met on Craigslist, in creating a documentary for his unborn kid since Josef claims to have a brain tumor and fears he won’t live to see the child’s birth. Aaron feels uneasy the entire time they’re filming because Josef starts acting strangely.

Things become increasingly bizarre as the plot develops, and Josef’s character and motivations take on a dark tone. The main motivating factor of the film, Mark Duplass’s portrayal as Josef, gives the strange little chiller Creep tremendous staying power.

14. Till Death (2021)

This low-budget thriller with plenty of bloody twists stars Megan Fox and is her most well-liked film on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a great part, too, with Fox carrying the entire movie on her shoulders as a wife who discovers herself bound to her husband’s body as part of a complex revenge scheme.

13. The Block Island Sound (2020)

The Block Island Sound definitely makes one think of Lovecraftian monsters of the deep. But it quickly becomes apparent that the movie is really more of a family drama about two siblings from a small, forgotten island town. One manages to get away, but not the other. For seasoned aficionados of low-budget but nevertheless high-concept horror flicks, its genre twist is also a good one.

12. Gerald’s Game (2017)

A Stephen King novel of the same name served as the inspiration for the Netflix original movie Gerald’s Game. Carla Gugino’s character Jessie, who is tied to a bed with no apparent possibility of escape or rescue, is the center of the story. The horror of the film comes from Jessie’s inner thoughts and recollections as she confronts the things of her life that had brought her to her dilemma, not only from the inventive survival aspects of the main plot.

11. 1922

Another Stephen King adaption produced for Netflix, 1922, was unveiled in 2017 to rave reviews. The farmer telling the eerie account of how he lost everything and started hearing rats in the walls of his hotel room is the main character in the story.

1922 is a very substantial period piece that attempts to dig into the actual themes of its story, with the main character’s journey echoing the rise and collapse of the times, even if it is nominally a small-scale horror adaptation of a lesser-known Stephen King novella.

10. Coming Home In The Dark (2021)

At first glance, Coming Home in the Dark would seem to be a fairly standard carjacking horror film, but it soon veers off course to become a complex drama about the personal histories of the carjackers and one of the victims.

The movie’s tone and premise had a striking resemblance to Australian “Ozploitation” films from the 1970s and 1980s, when a few innovative, courageous directors presented violent, passionate stories that were frequently based on the nation’s complex past.

9. Sweetheart (2019)

Sweetheart is a unique kind of aquatically-themed horror film that is rarely produced in today’s market, giving it a lot of character. It stars Kiersey Clemons as a stranded lady being chased by a mystery creature from the deep. The monster is the real center of the action, as the directors’ use of creature design, gore, and cleverly timed obfuscation instills a sense of dread that only grows as the beast’s outline becomes more distinct.

8. Raw (2016)

Raw is a unique coming-of-age story that draws on the drama and body horror of the New French Extremity and follows a young woman as she learns to accept her cannibalistic urges after leaving home for veterinary school. The movie received a lot of attention for its gripping atmosphere, where a type of twisted dream-logic rules and allows things to spiral out of control just enough.

7. Cam (2018)

When a woman’s account on a website for cam shows is hijacked by a malicious lookalike, a nightmare situation arises, with the results irreversibly changing the real-world life that she tries to maintain distinct from her online image. The movie functions as a sort of Black Mirror for cam girls, with the real striptease being the movie’s slow-burning revelation of the day-to-day realities of cam-girling, all of which is shrouded in an air of authenticity.

6. Hush (2016)

Hush is a gripping horror thriller that immerses the viewer in the thoughts of a deaf lady trying to survive a house invasion by a determined serial murderer. It makes the most of its single location by using inventive storyline, editing, and sound design techniques. Although they are a genre trope, loud noise bursts are rarely used as efficiently or with such purpose as they are in this film.

5. It Follows (2014)

It Follows has a young lady who is cursed to be constantly followed by a slowly moving monster that will murder her if it finds her in an intriguing spin on the slow-burning premise seen in movies like The Ring. However, in this case, sexual activity is the means of passing the curse. Regardless of the plot’s subtextual connotations, the persistent feeling of unease and dread caused by the monster’s following is terrifyingly effective. The movie defies the genre’s custom of over-explaining creatures by taking the exact opposite tack and saying nothing, which is what makes the movie so effective.

4. Under the Shadow (2016)

In the 1980s Iran-Iraq War, a mother and daughter are adjusting to their new lives in Tehran under a post-revolutionary government, and the wicked djinn that dwells in their building adds to their worries about the conflict and their daily lives. One of the top horror movies of October 2016 was chosen for its ability to convey moral and symbolic meaning while still preserving the genre’s basic delights.

3. Creep 2 (2017)

By building on many of the concepts from the original movie and increasing the gore and the horrors, Creep 2 received an even higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes than its predecessor. However, they remain comparatively few, with the main emphasis being on the chance for character analysis in the up-close and personal discovered footage setting.

Mark Duplass’s unwavering dedication to playing the killer in the lead role is again a major lure in this sequel, but Desiree Akhavan, his new scene partner, aids him in developing his character this time.

2. His House (2020)

His House spends equal time and effort on heartbreaking drama and supernatural frights when the trauma of their experiences starts to manifest into a ghoulish haunting in their new government-appointed home. His House follows two refugees from South Sudan in their early days settling into new lives as asylum seekers in the UK. The movie successfully balances the typical, dangerous thrills of a haunted home with an odd blending of political experience.

1. The Call (2020)

A young woman makes friends with another young woman living in the same house at a different period through a mysterious telephone that the movie makes a point of never explaining. At first innocent and sweet, their relationship quickly turns sinister as they start to use their knowledge to change their own destiny.

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