CGPA Meaning & How To Calculate It

We explain a CPGA and how you can calculate it as a college or university student.

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. Your CGPA measures your overall academic performance as a university student. You can calculate it by obtaining the mean of your GPA every semester and dividing it by the total number of credits.

In case you’re wondering what a GPA is, it is a number that indicates your score on average. The grade point could be a number or a letter. Simply put, your grade (whether A, B, or C) could count for a number.

Leverage Eduuses this example; “If your grade is A, it usually stands for a number, usually a multiple of 4, so if you get an A, your GPA would be 4, and if you get a B, then the grade point goes to 3, and the scale keeps shifting according to the grading system.”

Your grade in a course/subject gets multiplied by the total credit of the course/subject. Say, if a course has three credit units, you multiply the grade by 3. Grade A(4) multiplied by a 3 credit unit would be 12. Grade B(3) multiplied by a 3 credit unit would be 9, and so on.

GPA is for grading single semesters. You get the GPA by dividing the “Total Grade x Credit Units” by the “Total Credit Unit” for all courses.

How To Calculate CGPA;

To get a good CGPA, you must get better GPAs each semester.

In the CGPA system, specific grades are allotted to a range of marks. This means a Grade Point 8 for 80-85 marks. Some academic institutions have their CGPA conversion table available to work this out easily.

CGPA is calculated by dividing the “Total Weight Average GPA For Both Semesters” by “Total Credit Units For Both Semesters.”

Weight Average GPA” is obtained by multiplying each semester’s Total Credit Unit by that Semester’s GPA. Find examples here.

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