Top 10 NBA Scorers In 2023

The NBA playoffs for the NBA 2022–23 season recently came to an end, and the Denver Nuggets emerged as the champions. This remains a momentous occasion for the team, as it marks their first NBA championship since joining the league in 1976. It’s a well-deserved victory, and the star player of the Nuggets, Nikola Jokic, was even named the NBA Finals MVP. With the season now over, it’s only natural to look back and review the top players of that campaign, even as the new season gradually comes around.

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

As fans eagerly anticipate the start of the new season, reflecting on the top performers of the previous campaign adds to the excitement. The NBA 2022–23 season showcased incredible talent and fierce competition, making it challenging to narrow the list to just ten players. However, highlighting these exceptional athletes allows us to appreciate their remarkable contributions and sets the stage for what promises to be another thrilling season ahead.

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Devin Booker

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Suns (Preseason: 15)

PPG- 26.6
APG- 5.5
SPG- .88
3P/G- 2.212

Booker is a scoring machine who can score from anywhere on the court. It’s important to note that Booker’s scoring has been consistently high, averaging an impressive 26.6 points per game for the third time in the last five seasons. Unfortunately, he missed his fourth consecutive All-Star appearance due to a hamstring injury that kept him sidelined for nearly two months. Despite this setback, Booker’s scoring abilities are impressive, and he has also improved his playmaking skills out of the pick-and-roll. With the recent acquisition of Kevin Durant, the Suns will have a better chance at achieving their first title, and Booker’s skills will certainly come in handy during the playoffs. Devin Booker averaged 27.8 points per game in the regular season. Unfortunately, the Phoenix Suns were defeated 4-2 in the conference semi-finals against the Denver Nuggets.

Zion Williamson

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024
New Orleans, Louisiana – March 03: Zion Williamson #1 Of The New Orleans Pelicans Shoots Against The Minnesota Timberwolves During The First Half At The Smoothie King Center On March 03, 2020 In New Orleans, Louisiana.

Pelicans (Preseason: 17)

PPG- 26
RPG- 7
BPG- .55
His lack of availability has always hindered Williamson’s talent. He missed last season due to a foot injury and has only played in 29 games this year. However, his performances have been exceptional. The New Orleans offence becomes significantly more dynamic when he is healthy, as evidenced by their strong start to the season. Despite his limited playing time, Williamson has maintained an impressive shooting percentage of over 60% while averaging over 25 points per game. This puts him in an exclusive club with only two other players in league history: Charles Barkley and Kevin McHale. While both Barkley and McHale achieved this feat once, Williamson has already accomplished it in the 2020-2021 season and is on track to do it again.

Kyrie Irving

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Mavericks (Preseason: 31)

PPG- 27.2
APG- 5.4
SPG- 1.05
3P/G- 3.295
NBA’s OG. The media has published various stories and columns about Irving’s controversies, but this ranking does not consider his stances. Irving played a role in the Nets’ decision to select the nuclear option just a month after a successful six-week stretch, and this will not be forgotten in Brooklyn anytime soon. However, he remains one of the most skilled and demanding players to stop. Irving led the league with an average of 9.8 points scored in the fourth quarter, and his early spikes in shooting splits, going from 49/37/83 with Brooklyn to 53/43/100 with Dallas, since his trade to the Mavericks is impressive. Despite his skills, the question remains about what the next dose of drama will bring.

James Harden

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

76ers (Preseason: 21)

PPG- 21.4
APG- 10.8
SPG- 1.2
3P/G- 2.8
Even though James Harden wasn’t selected as an All-Star this season, he had a strong argument for the title. With his impressive blend of scoring and playmaking skills for Philadelphia, he is among the three players who averaged 20 points and ten assists per game this season. Along with five rebounds, he’s only behind Nikola Jokic, the leading MVP candidate. This proves how productive Harden has been. Before the season began, people doubted whether Harden still had the energy to perform. But he proved them wrong, and his performance has been high-energy.

Pascal Siakam

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Raptors (Preseason: 24)

PPG- 25.2
APG- 6.1
SPG- .82
3P/G- 1.408
Siakam is a force to be reckoned with when he has space to move. He has complete control over his movements and can easily navigate towards his desired destination, whether aggressively attacking the basket, taking a jump shot, or using his delicate touch outside the restricted area. He’s a master at keeping defenders on their toes, and when they attempt to double-team him, he quickly passes the ball to an open teammate. Siakam has been having an exceptional season, excelling in scoring, passing, and getting to the free-throw line. Despite carrying a heavier defensive load than many other top players and playing significant minutes, he’s still proving why he deserves his third All-NBA stars selection amid all the unusual circumstances surrounding the Raptors.

Anthony Davis

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024
San Antonio, Tx – December 30: Anthony Davis #3 Of The Los Angeles Lakers Shoots The Ball During The Game Against The San Antonio Spurs On December 30, 2020, At The At&Amp;T Center In San Antonio, Texas.

Lakers (Preseason: 16)

PPG- 26
RPG- 12.3
BPG- 2
If NBA fans voted on this list in December, you would have seen Davis at the bottom. However, suppose we exclude his brief appearance against Cleveland. In that case, we can see that from November 13th to December 13th, Davis averaged nearly 35 points and 16 rebounds per game, making a strong case for Defensive Player of the Year. Unfortunately, he got hurt and missed over a month of play, and since returning, he has only averaged 22.5 points per game. This has been a recurring pattern for Davis over the past few seasons: he is an exceptional player at his best but at his best so rarely that it seems almost unfair to rank him so high. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that Davis remains one of the Lakers’ most influential players on and off the court, which is why he deserves a spot on this list.

Domantas Sabonis

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Kings (Preseason: 50)

PPG- 18.8
RPG- 12.3
BP- G.5
Imagine for a moment that Nikola Jokic was not a player. Can you name the last player to average a minimum of 18 points, 12 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game? If you didn’t go back far enough, the answer is none other than Wilt Chamberlain. Aside from Jokic, only Oscar Robertson and Chamberlain have achieved what Sabonis is currently accomplishing. Sabonis is an exceptional and rare player, even though the two-time defending MVP overshadows him. It’s a rarity for centres to run offences as the primary playmaker, but Sabonis is doing it better than any other big man who isn’t Jokic. The gap between them is not that wide either. The top-ranked offense of Denver scores only 0.3 points per 100 possessions, more than the second-ranked unit of Sacramento. Sabonis might not win MVP, but there is no doubt that he has earned his spot on this list.

LeBron James

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Lakers (Preseason: 7)

PPG- 30
APG- 7
SPG- .96
3P/G- 2.156

LeBron James is scoring an impressive 30 points per game, which is higher than any of his four seasons with Miami. He’s also shooting an impressive 59.6% on 2-pointers, which is better than in any of the first seven seasons he played in Cleveland. Additionally, he’s averaging the fourth-most rebounds and fourth-fewest turnovers of his career. While there are some minor areas for improvement, such as his decreased effectiveness from profound and occasional lapses in defensive activity, LeBron remains a dominant force on the court. At 38 years old, he is widely regarded as the greatest player in NBA history, and his current performance is on par with his peak performance at age 28.

During the regular season, the Lakers beat the Warriors and advanced to the Conference Semi-finals, where they reached the Finals. However, they, unfortunately, lost to the Nuggets and were knocked out of the NBA Finals. On the other hand, Ja Morant from the Grizzlies has been showing promising performance with an average of 27.3 PPG this season, compared to his preseason projection of 12.

Ja Morant

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Grizzlies (Preseason: 12)

PPG- 27.3
APG- 8.3
SPG- 1.04
3P/G- 1.688

This season, Morant has continued climbing the league’s elite ranks. He won the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award last season and has improved his game even further. Although his scoring average has remained consistent, he is now grabbing more rebounds and providing more assists on a nightly basis. As a result, the Grizzlies are near the top of the Western Conference standings once again. Additionally, Morant’s incredible athleticism and impressive in-game dunks make him one of the most thrilling players in the Association. It is worth keeping an eye on his progress.

It’s worth watching Ja Morant’s progress, especially considering his impressive performance last season, where he averaged 26.2 points per game. Although the Memphis Grizzlies had a tough loss to the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs, Morant’s promising talent is still noteworthy.

Damian Lillard

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Trail Blazers (Preseason: 13)

PPG- 31.4
APG- 7.3
SPG- .83
3P/G- 4.152

Throughout his illustrious career so far, Damian Lillard has consistently exhibited a remarkable performance that has impressed fans and critics alike. With an average of 31.4 points per game, Lillard has undoubtedly proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in basketball. Additionally, his 64.8 true-shooting percentage is remarkable and the highest he has ever achieved.

Lillard’s contribution to his team’s success cannot be overstated. His 130.2 points are a significant factor in their victories, and he is undoubtedly a valuable player on any team. Despite facing stiff competition from Stephen Curry, who has a 36.6% chance of defeating him, Lillard remains a formidable opponent and a strong contender for the championship. Overall, Lillard is a skilled and dependable player who can be counted on to lead his team to victory. His impressive track record and unwavering dedication to the sport make him a true asset to any team he plays for. Undoubtedly, he is regarded as one of the best players in the game today.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Thunder (Preseason: 36)

PPG- 30.8
APG- 5.7
SPG- 1.64
3P/G- .887
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, a talented basketball player, has had an exceptional season. Despite his impressive performance, he hasn’t received much attention from the media due to the Thunder team’s non-contender status and fewer national television appearances compared to other groups. Nonetheless, Gilgeous-Alexander is among the few players in the league who have maintained an average of 30 points and five assists per game. His remarkable achievements have earned him a spot on the All-Star team, marking his first time being selected. Additionally, the player is expected to be a strong contender for the Most Improved Player of the Year Award. As the season progresses, he will likely be included in an All-NBA team, another first in his career.

Stephen Curry

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Warriors (Preseason: 2)

PPG- 29.4
APG- 6.4
SPG- .97
3P/G- 4.868

Stephen Curry had another exceptional season, averaging 29.5 points per game with impressive shooting splits of 49/43/93. Despite his near 50% field goal accuracy, Curry is not in the race for MVP. This is likely because the Warriors’ win-loss record is only .500, mainly because Curry missed 20 games due to injury. However, Curry and the Warriors eagerly anticipated the 2021-2022 season, as evidenced by their celebrations after winning the NBA championship. Throughout the season, Curry broke multiple records and has consistently helped the Warriors remain one of the top teams in recent years. Last year, he received the inaugural MVP award for the NBA Finals. In the current season, Curry is defending his championship and averaged 29.4 points per game in the regular season. Unfortunately, the Warriors’ NBA Playoffs ended with a loss to the Lakers in the Conference Semi-finals.

Kevin Durant

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Suns (Preseason: 3)

PPG- 29.7
APG- 5.3
SPG- .82
3P/G- 1.821

Without a doubt, the Suns were willing to make a generous offer to the Nets for Durant for a reason – even at 34; he has the power to turn any team into a title contender. Like a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from 2012, Durant has aged gracefully and is currently averaging close to 30 points per game, with a career-high shooting percentage of 56%. No player in NBA history has ever achieved at least 29 points per game in a season with an actual shooting percentage above .670, which Durant is on track to accomplish. His improved defence has also contributed to Brooklyn’s overachievement before his departure. The only reason KD is not higher on this list is his extended absence from the game due to injury. In Round 1, the 34-year-old only missed Game 1 and had an impressive run in the playoffs, recording 20+ points in each series round. Unfortunately, the Suns’ season ended in the NBA Playoffs.

Joel Embiid

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

76ers (Preseason: 6)

PPG- 33.1
RPG- 10.2
SPG- 1.51

Joel Embiid has been a dominant force this past NBA season, with an impressive average of 33.1 points per game, second only to Luka Doncic’s 33.3. Embiid’s outstanding performance includes 10.2 rebounds, 4.1 assists, 1.5 blocks, and 1.2 steals per game while also contributing defensively. His contributions have kept the Philadelphia 76ers in contention for the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. In addition, Embiid recently made history by achieving 10,000 career points in fewer games than any other player in franchise history, including the legendary Allen Iverson. If not for Nikola Jokic, Embiid would be a strong contender for a third consecutive MVP Award. This season marks the second year in a row that Embiid has led the league in scoring, a feat not accomplished by a big man since Bob McAdoo from 1973-76. Although Embiid was named MVP for the first time, his team was eliminated from the NBA Playoffs after a 4-3 loss to the Celtics in the Conference semi-finals.

Jayson Tatum

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Celtics (Preseason: 9)

PPG- 30.6
APG- 4.5
SPG- 1.04
3P/G- 3.327

Jayson Tatum, a talented basketball player, faced criticism last year for his role in the NBA Finals defeat. However, he responded by improving his game, and this season, he remains a strong MVP contender with excellent two-way play. Although the Boston Celtics have not maintained their early-season pace, Tatum’s record-setting 55-point performance and All-Star Game MVP award have earned him high expectations for the rest of the season. He averages 30.6 points per game, a career-high and the sixth-highest in the league. If he maintains this average, he will surpass legends like John Havlicek, Larry Bird, and Paul Pierce to achieve the highest single-season scoring average in Celtics franchise history.

Last season, Tatum helped lead the Boston Celtics to the championship game, where they fell short against the Miami Heat in the conference championships. He has continued to showcase his skills this season, finishing as the league leader for the Boston Celtics with 2,225 total points. Tatum’s versatility in offence and defence makes him an essential player for the Celtics. Despite their loss in the conference finals, Tatum’s outstanding abilities and tenacity encourage a future campaign that will be even more successful.

Luka Doncic

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Mavericks (Preseason: 5)

PPG- 33.3
APG- 8.1
SPG- 1.52
3P/G- 2.74

Luka Doncic has turned his narrative around after being criticized for poor conditioning in previous seasons. He started this season with impressive statistics, increasing his averages across the board and improving his efficiency to a career-high 50.5 per cent from the field. Dallas Mavericks’ success heavily relies on Doncic’s performance, as they have only won three games out of ten without him. However, after acquiring Kyrie Irving, the Mavericks have won all three games, potentially giving Doncic the offensive support he needs. Doncic has averaged 32.4 points per game this season, ranking second in the league. Despite the Mavericks finishing 11th in the Western Conference and missing the playoffs, Doncic’s remarkable performance solidifies his position as one of the top players in the league, and fans anticipate his future achievements.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Bucks (Preseason: 1)

PPG- 31.8
RPG- 12.2
BPG- .79

This season has been a roller-coaster ride for Antetokounmpo and his Bucks team. However, Antetokounmpo and the team are ready to push for success after the All-Star break. Antetokounmpo has been scoring a career-high 31.8 points per game and is the only player in the league to average at least 30 points, ten rebounds, and five assists. Although an increased workload has impacted his efficiency during Khris Middleton’s two extended absences, he has remained productive and has already achieved three 50-point games this season. The Bucks’ record when Antetokounmpo plays is 35-12, compared to 6-5 when he sits out. Unfortunately, he sustained a wrist injury last week, just three days before Team Giannis won over Team LeBron during the All-Star weekend. This injury is a reflection of the challenges he has faced this season.

During the regular season, the Bucks finished with a 58-24 record and first place in the Eastern Conference. Giannis averaged 31.1 points per game for the team. However, he suffered a wrist injury during the Bucks’ victory over the Bulls, which prevented his participation in the NBA All-Star 2023 game. Despite his absence, Team Giannis still won. Unfortunately, the Bucks’ NBA Playoffs run did not go as planned, as they were eliminated after losing the series 4-1 to the Miami Heat.

Nikola Jokic

Top 10 Nba Scorers In 2023, Yours Truly, Articles, April 13, 2024

Nuggets (Preseason: 4)

PPG- 24.7
RPG- 11.5
APG- 10.1

Jokic continues to prove himself as the best offensive player in basketball. Despite having a more robust team around him, the back-to-back MVP is taking fewer shots and scoring fewer points yet still managing to outdo himself. It’s mind-boggling that he’s averaging around 25 points per game with an actual shooting percentage of 70-plus and nearly leading the league in assists. His all-in-one advanced stats tell the same story and his on/off numbers are insane. Yet, his game is not just about science but also art. He’s the epitome of efficiency and one of the most creative players ever to play the game.

During the regular season, Jokic averaged 24.5 points per game. He was instrumental in helping the Nuggets win the championship, earning the NBA Finals MVP award despite not winning the overall MVP award during the 2022-23 season.

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