Mariah Carey & Wham! Top Christmas TikTok Billboard Top 50

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” continues to reign supreme at the top of the TikTok Billboard Top 50 chart dated January 6, while Wham!’s “Last Christmas” has climbed to the second spot, resulting in a momentous one-two victory for holiday songs on the chart for the first time. The TikTok Billboard Top 50 is a weekly ranking of the most popular songs on TikTok in the United States based on creations, video views, and user engagement. The latest chart reflects activity from December 25 to 31. It’s worth noting that TikTok activity is not reflected in Billboard charts except for the TikTok Billboard Top 50. Given that the beginning of the latest TikTok Billboard Top 50’s tracking week was on Christmas Day, it’s only logical that Christmas-related songs dominate the chart, with Carey and Wham! Holding the top two spots. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has maintained its No. 1 position for two consecutive weeks, while “Last Christmas” has reached a new peak after rising to No. 4 the week before December 30, 2023.

The latest Billboard Hot 100 chart features some exciting movements and new entries. While Mariah Carey’s holiday classic has lost its top spot to Brenda Lee’s festive hit, Wham’s “Last Christmas” is still going strong. Moreover, the TikTok Billboard Top 50 has a new entrant at number three, Lesley Gore’s “Misty.” This jazz standard, covered by many legendary artists, including Bing Crosby and Aretha Franklin, has gained popularity on TikTok due to various trends and posts. In particular, one trend involves users posting images of themselves without a specific feature (e.g., glasses, curls, etc.), followed by another photo with the same feature. Additionally, this trend has encouraged creators to provide reference photos for their friends. Overall, these trends and posts are helping to promote the timeless appeal of “Misty” and introduce it to a new generation of music enthusiasts.


He was a great sport about it though. He ended up donating all the rotalties from Last Christmas to the Ethiopian relief effort 💗 #lastchristmas#christmas2023#music#musichistory#georgemichael#wham#dotheyknowitschristmastime#bandaid#christmasmusic#greenscreen

♬ Last Christmas (Pudding Mix) – Wham!

The latest Billboard tracking week, December 22–28, brought exciting news about trending music. According to Luminate, “Misty” experienced a 23% surge in on-demand streams within the United States, reaching 244,000 official streams. Moreover, Adele’s “When We Were Young” debuted at No. 24 on the TikTok Billboard Top 50 and climbed up to No. 8 in its second week, marking its first appearance on the chart. The song has been used in a popular trend on TikTok that involves sharing old photos of oneself with loved ones, making it a heartwarming addition to the chart. Although “When We Were Young” peaked at No. 14 on the Hot 100 in March 2016, it still managed to gather 1.7 million listens, experiencing a 4% increase in on-demand streams during the latest tracking week. This news shows how music can bring people together and create a sense of nostalgia, especially during the holiday season.


♬ Misty by Lesley Gore 1964 – EyePinDay

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