AGN Addresses Allegations of Neglecting Veteran Actor, Mr Ibu

Actress Kate Henshaw Speaks Out, Clarifies Guild's Stance on Supporting Ailing Members

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has responded to the circulating rumors and allegations concerning their purported neglect of veteran actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu. The actor, who recently celebrated his 63rd birthday, is currently undergoing treatment at an undisclosed hospital. Videos of Mr Ibu soliciting financial support from the public have been making rounds on the internet, leading to speculations that the AGN had abandoned one of its own.

However, in a recent statement, the AGN’s Director of Communications, Kate Henshaw, refuted these claims. She emphasized that the guild has always been proactive in supporting its members, especially during health crises. Henshaw stated, “The guild has never abandoned any of its members in need, especially with health intervention. We have been at the forefront of providing necessary support even before his health condition was made public. This has been done with the full knowledge of his immediate family members.”

Furthermore, Henshaw revealed that the AGN had privately tasked its members to assist the veteran actor, ensuring that he receives the necessary support. This move by the AGN underscores their commitment to the welfare of their members, especially during challenging times.

The online community had mixed reactions to the AGN’s statement. While some netizens expressed skepticism, questioning the timing of the AGN’s support, others appreciated the guild for clarifying its stance and providing insights into its welfare initiatives for members.

In a related development, social media influencer Verydarkblackman recently criticized Nkechi Blessing’s partner, Xxssive, over comments he made about Mr Ibu’s health. The influencer took a jibe at Xxssive, highlighting the latter’s attempts to gain attention by making controversial remarks.

The AGN’s clarification serves as a reminder of the importance of verifying information before drawing conclusions. It also emphasizes the guild’s dedication to the welfare of its members, ensuring that they are not left to fend for themselves during challenging times.

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