Family Drama Continues As Mr Ibu’s Adopted Daughter, Jasmine Reacts To Affair Allegations With Sick Star And His Son By His Wife

In response to recent claims that she had sexual relations with the ill actor and is currently having a relationship with his son, Mr Ibu’s adoptive daughter, Jasmine Chioma Okafor, has spoken. Jasmine Chioma Okafor allegedly had an illicit relationship with Mr. Ibu, whom she refers to as her father. It is also said that she is now married to Mr. Ibu’s son.

Because Jasmine refers to Ibu as “dad” in her videos and because the actor, whose actual name is John Ikechukwu Okafor, has the same surname, many people initially believed Jasmine to be Ibu’s biological daughter until Stella Maris disclosed in February that Mr Ibu is not connected to her by blood. Additionally, she implied that Ibu and Jasmine are having a sexual relationship and that she manages Ibu’s social media and bank accounts, keeping her (the wife) out of his business. In their videos, Mr. Ibu and his sons reacted, confirming that Ibu’s “adopted daughter” is Jasmine. In another video at the time, Jasmine also attacked Stella Maris. Stella Maris was accused of attempting to take advantage of the money donated to her sick husband for both cosmetic procedures and a car purchase while Ibu was still in the hospital.

Stella Maris denounced the claims, claiming Jasmine was the source of them. She continued by saying that the effort to damage her reputation began when she requested a financial statement from Jasmine that detailed the expenses incurred in using the funds given to her husband. Stella Maris stated that she cannot access Ibu’s account; nevertheless, Jasmine is the account manager. Stella Maris also disclosed that Jasmine is attempting to emigrate with the money contributed to Ibu’s treatment, having married one of Ibu’s older sons.

Furthermore, she stated that Jasmine is plotting to keep her husband’s money and damage her reputation while she is the one at the hospital tending to his illness. A voice message that supposedly contained Ibu’s admission that he had slept with Jasmine before she moved on to his son later surfaced.

In response, Jasmine shared a video of herself tending to Ibu while in the hospital. She penned the caption.:

“As long as you are getting better, nothing else matters.
“I remain silent until you are back to your feet again! Cheers.”

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