A Disturbing Video Of Actor Mr. Ibu’s Wife Sobbing Raises Questions

Stella Maris, the wife of famed actor John Okafor, often known as Mr. Ibu, has raised concerns among many by sharing a video of herself crying hysterically. It’s worth noting that the woman earlier accused her husband of having an affair with his putative adopted daughter, following which she claimed she was abandoned in substandard accommodation.

Stella Maris was seen crying while singing a praise and worship hymn in a now-deleted Instagram video. She greeted her fans in her caption while quietly reflecting on her present emotional state.

The video of Mr Ibu’s wife crying quickly went viral on social media, eliciting conflicting reactions from many Nigerians. While some accused her of being theatrical, others were sympathetic, wondering what had gone wrong.

In addition, Mr Ibu’s wife had lamented the difficulties in her marriage back in February. The viral video recorded Mr Ibu and his wife, Stella Okafor aka Real Ibruress, in a heated dispute in which he raised his voice. Mr Ibu questioned his wife, wondering if he had made a mistake in marrying her.

The wife, on the other hand, questioned him about the true identity of his’daughter’ Lady Jasmine, whom she referred to as Chioma.

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