AGT: Mervant Vera, A Magician Raps To Inspire While Working His Magic

The 17th season of America’s Got Talent is quickly coming to a close, and the final group of qualifiers—including comedian Jordan Conley with a set full of Disney allusions—will learn their fates just 24 hours after giving their most recent performances. Mervant Vera was able to blend freestyle rap and magic for his chance at $1 million and the Las Vegas stage show despite the fact that singers and magicians in particular have had a strong season.

Judge Simon Cowell remarked that Vera appeared “nervous” following his most recent card trick + freestyle, but the performer clarified to CinemaBlend that this was not how he was feeling. Simon Cowell began his critique of Mervant Vera’s qualifications performance by gushing about how much he like Mervant Vera’s audition and how passionately he was anticipating his performance in the live shows.

The good news of Cowell’s response was how much he appreciated the rap magician, even though he noted that he heard some anxiety, but he added that he “could hear tonight how nervous you were.”

Mervant In fact, Vera’s mastery of the stage without bouncing about makes me think of Season 15 winner Brandon Leake, who created history with his victory. Although spoken word and freestyle rap are different, Vera maintains his composure on stage in a manner reminiscent of Leake, and that’s an honor given Leake’s victory. Check out Vera’s qualifying performance:

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