Anita Brown Discloses In New Video That She Will Be Stopping By Davido’s Atlanta Home

Anita Brown, the alleged fifth baby mother of Nigerian artist David Adeleke aka Davido, has stated her desire to visit him in Atlanta. The American lady, who claims to be pregnant, posted a video of herself at the airport and stated that the first location she will visit after her vacation is Atlanta and that she will pull up to Davido’s house.

She told her fans that she doesn’t know where the ‘Fall’ singer is, and she doesn’t care, but she knows his residence and would make an unannounced stop there whether he’s there or not. Anita also told the musician’s second alleged side chic, French entrepreneur Ivanna Bay, to get in line next to her.

The model requested that her followers spread the word about her goals and itinerary.

It’s almost as if Brown forgot she told us weeks ago that Davido was not her father’s child, because her recent antics contradict her previous declaration. She earlier tweeted that the musician is “dead” to her and her pregnant child. Anita warned individuals bothering her via phone calls to stop, emphasizing that she has moved on.

She even claimed in another post that her unborn child had a new father. Clearly, she is preoccupied with the singer, who has yet to respond to all of the allegations.

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