Anita Brown and Ivana: A Tangled Web In Davido’s Love Life

Anita Brown's Accusations and Ivana's Hospitalization Stir Up Controversy

In a recent development in the ongoing saga involving Nigerian music star Davido, Anita Brown, an alleged pregnant partner of the singer, has made a startling accusation against her French counterpart, Ivana. The US-based businesswoman took to social media to claim that Ivana had terminated her pregnancy, a claim that has added fuel to the already blazing fire of controversy surrounding the singer.

Anita and Ivana have been at loggerheads for weeks, each claiming to be pregnant with Davido’s child and alleging that the singer had urged them to abort the pregnancies. Anita’s initial allegations had caused a stir among fans and followers of the singer, leading to a wave of other women coming forward with similar accusations against Davido.

Anita’s recent tweet, which suggested that Ivana had an abortion, has caused a fresh uproar. “The lady in Paris had a miscarriage. Yeah, ok. She was pregnant and had an abortion! David put her out there on purpose smh. Please stop,” she wrote.

This allegation comes on the heels of Ivana’s recent hospitalization. The French woman had taken to Instagram to share that she had been experiencing non-stop bleeding and severe stomach pain. She posted a picture of her wrist, showing a hospital band, and wrote, “I just woke up with the biggest pain ever in my stomach but I can feel it through my entire body…While I keep bleeding I can’t stop crying right now…I am going to the emergency.”

Ivana has not made any public appearances or statements on social media since her hospitalization. The ongoing drama and allegations have put Davido in the spotlight, with fans and followers eagerly awaiting his response to the unfolding saga. As the story continues to develop, the public remains gripped by the twists and turns in the love life of one of Nigeria’s biggest music stars.

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