Asake Releases Official Music Video For “Basquiat” From ‘Work Of Art’ Album

Asake, the talented Nigerian musician, has released the music video for his mesmerizing song “Basquiat” from his second album, “Work of Art.” The track stands out amongst the other impressive songs on the album and topped the Nigerian apple music chart until it was displaced by Omah Lay’s “Reason”. Asake beautifully captures the essence of the iconic artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, a significant figure in the Neo-expressionism movement during the 1980s. Asake proudly declares himself a versatile artist in the lyrics, describing himself as “a walking poetry and a work of art.”

Asake Releases Official Music Video For &Quot;Basquiat&Quot; From 'Work Of Art' Album, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

The music video is a stunning visual masterpiece that amplifies the song’s essence through captivating scenes of lavida loca and mesmerizing abstract paintings. It skillfully combines Asake’s magnetic performance with striking imagery, creating a feast for the eyes that effortlessly brings the music to life for viewers. The exceptional production skills of Magicsticks, a frequent collaborator of Asake, enhance the appeal of Basquiat. The track boasts infectious energy and resonating beats, further amplified by Magicsticks’ signature touch. Moreover, the creative brilliance of the video is evident, thanks to the skillful direction of Joshua Valle and Edgar Steves, who masterfully captured the essence of Asake’s artistic vision.

Asake Releases Official Music Video For &Quot;Basquiat&Quot; From 'Work Of Art' Album, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The “Work of Art,” Asake’s second studio album, has been receiving widespread recognition for its unique sound and captivating melodies, as well as his brilliant maneuver on amapiano sounds. The track “Basquiat” showcases Asake’s artistic depth, establishing him as a trailblazing superstar who continuously pushes boundaries and redefines contemporary music.

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