Blackface Accuses Asake Of Copying His Song

Blackface, one-third of the iconic defunct group, Plantaishun Boiz, has been in the press for years after leaving the scene due to his claims of copyright infringement from other musicians. In his newest claim, Blackface while chatting with Naija FM alleged that rave of the moment Asake plagiarized his song ‘Ikebe Super’ for the latter’s popular single ‘Joha’ which is one of the tunes off his 2022 debut album ‘Joha.’

In the interview, Blackface stated that he is bothered by the unlawful exploitation of his music by Afrobeats stars. He compares the art to his child, claiming that unlawful usage of his music is akin to child molestation. When asked why his writing with Plataishun Boiz bore the group’s name rather than his own, Blackface explained that he wanted the group to show a united front and not make any of them look like they weren’t contributing.

Blackface also claims ownership of the mega-hit tune ‘African Queen,’ which was written by his former Plantaishun Boiz member 2Face. The line that Blackface’s claim is based on is ‘Ikebe Super,’ which Asake used in ‘Joha’ and is a common slang in Nigerian street parlance. Neither record has a comparable progression, rhythm pattern, or melody.

It’s also worth noting that ‘Joha’ was first recorded in 2014, while Asake was still a student at Obafemi Awolowo University, and that the version released in 2022 is a recreation of the previous version.

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