Asake “Work Of Art” Album Review

Work Of Art


  • Genre: African
  • Date: 16 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 YBNL Nation / EMPIRE

Asake, a Nigerian singing sensation, has released his second studio album, “Work of Art.” The new record, which was released on YBNL Nation/Empire, comes in the wake of Asake’s amazing success in 2022, when his well-received first LP Mr Money With The Vibe was released. The album Work of Art has 14 songs, including the singles “Yoga,” “2:30,” and “Amapiano” that were previously published. Olamide, the head of the label, is the only featured guest on “Amapiano,” which he also appears on.

Regular collaborator Magicsticks, who also contributed to the album’s predecessor, was mostly in charge of production. The collection includes a variety of pulses, beginning with the Asake-popularized fuji-amapiano style. Hip-hop drums are used, as well as West African folk samples. Additional production is provided by Anoop D’Souza, P. Priime, and Blaise Beatz.

Album Cover Art

Asake &Quot;Work Of Art&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 13, 2024

For his new album, Mr. Money cleaned up nice in a blue suit and tie, as he strikes a pose in front of the Basquait-esque paintings staged as the shot’s backdrop. Asake is also holding a brush as a proud artist showing off his prized Work of Art.

Tracks and Features

On “Olorun,” the meditative opener to his second album, Work of Art, he praises the Yoruba Supreme Being before praising himself. “I’m a brand new man,” he announces. He talks about his adventures and celebrates like a superstar. In “Awodi” he tells about his big success in 2022 begun with the eponymous EP where he discusses his objective with ‘Trabaye.’ And, by the end of the year, he had risen to the top of the industry, delivering chart-topping hits. The song is less summery yet equally upbeat. Asake sings about rising from the slums, and his calm, patient delivery is soothing.

As he celebrates on “2:30,” he boasts about his abilities and mocks others for attempting to emulate him. He speaks himself up like a successful hip-hop star, calling himself a work of art and a great guy, bragging about being the toast of the moment and being lonely at the top. He fixes these moments in between his celebrations when he bothers to get little intimate.

Wistful violins add solemnity to “What’s Up My G,” and when amapiano’s signature log-drum loop produces a light pulse, he masterfully changes between vocal rhythms and inflections. His quick delivery suggests that his wealth has multiple facets. And when he rattles off expensive labels and luxury automobiles, the chorus of voices behind him frames his boasting as a spiritual act.

However, the beginning sequences didn’t help the album, since it didn’t pick up until track 6, “Basquiat.” This resulted in a delayed start, which was exacerbated by the monotony. But don’t get it mixed up; Asake has more depth and musical nuances, which are only overwhelmed by the one-dimensional character of his flows and approaches, as well as the singularity of the creation. The song’s collective shouts remind you that celebrating can and should often be done as a group.

The effervescent synths and rising vocal harmonies of “Sunshine” capture the pleasure of time spent with loved ones. Rebirth stories are nothing new, but Asake’s feel revelatory since they are always looking for fresh ways to innovate. “Amapiano,” which features Baddo, gives some illumination on his approach. “Great Guy” transforms amapiano’s flagellating bass synths into pure, rumbling texture, and the creator is clearly pleased with himself.

Closer “Yoga” even transforms traditional séga—music created by enslaved Africans in Réunion and Mauritius—into a modern appeal for peace. In the song, he explores individualism by demanding the freedom to his live and let live.


1 Olorun Asake 2:36
2 Awodi Asake 2:16
3 2:30 Asake 2:18
4 Sunshine Asake 3:05
5 Mogbe Asake 2:58
6 Basquiat Asake 2:14
7 Amapiano Asake & Olamide 2:45
8 What’s Up My G Asake 2:50
9 I Believe Asake 2:25
10 Introduction Asake 2:18
11 Remember Asake 3:02
12 Lonely At The Top Asake 2:37
13 Great Guy Asake 3:05
14 Yoga Asake 2:16

Album Theme

The album covers a wide range of topics in terms of themes, including love, fame, and spirituality.

Production Credits

Anoop D’souza, Blaise Beats, Magicsticks & P. Priime are credited as producers for the album.


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