At Universal Studios, Jisoo From BLACKPINK Meets Her Favorite Character, “Hello Kitty”

Surprise! Jisoo finally ran into her top match! If you count Hello Kitty as a Hollywood A-lister, then no, we aren’t talking about her. Yes, the Blackpink singer did eventually manage to get back together with Kitty, who she adores. For those of you who may not be aware, Blinks are well-aware of Jisoo’s affinity for Hello Kitty.

The singer likes its soft toys, stickers, and occasionally even the Instagram filter. So it only makes sense that she see the cult-favorite cat while she is in Los Angeles. Jisoo described how she “Came to Universal Studios for the first time after a while” and had a blast exploring the theme park.

It goes without saying that Jisoo gave the Hello Kitty section of the studio a little additional attention given that this is Jisoo we are talking about. The pop star uploaded photos and videos of her time at the theme park to Instagram. She even gave special mention to Kitty, who she wrote about in the caption of one of the photos: “Kitty I met at Universal Studios.”

Not only that, but she also continued to post entertaining videos to her Instagram stories to keep Blinks informed of the fun she was having in the city.

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